[CLOSED] Astrollect - GFX Designer


Artstation Portfolio: artstation.com/astrollect
Discord: @astrollect
Twitter: astrollect

Hey! I’m Astrollect, a self-taught graphic designer here on the ROBLOX platform! I’ve been doing graphic design for about 4 years now and I’m always looking to improve in my designs! I’ve worked for many popular games, some of which include: Seaboard City RP, Timber!, Pet Show, Champion Simulator, Smacking Simulator, and countless other games!

Here’s a list of services I currently DO offer:
Game Icons

Here’s a list of services I currently DO NOT offer:
Profile Pictures
Twitter Headers / Youtube Banners

Many of the services I don’t offer were discontinued/retired due to a lack of interest or were considered a waste of time in my eyes.

Here are examples I’ve completed over time. I tend to update the examples every few weeks, so check back to see what’s new!

Game Icons




Discontinued Examples:

Industry Game Icons

Industry Thumbnails

My prices are as followed:
• Game Icons - 4,000+ R$
• Thumbnails - 8,000+ R$
• Advertisements - 4,000+ R$

Prices can increase at any time during a commission due to any of the following:

  • Additional rendering.
  • Numerous changes.
  • Constant rushing.
  • Complexity in order.

Available payment methods: Group Funds / Gamepass.

Disclaimer: If you choose to pay through a Gamepass, you’re responsible for covering the 30% tax.

Please read the following information very carefully before commissioning me. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation or rejection in your request.

Terms of Service

1) Rights to Cancel or Decline any Request

If I feel the need to cancel or decline a commission, I reserve the right to do so. This may be due to a lack of trust, difficulty with communication, lack of interest, constant rushing, or any other reason that may come during the time of commissioning. I tend to be really busy due to school and other factors, so I ask that you take that into consideration before ordering from me.

Extra Note: If I feel suspicious that you cannot pay for the design you are requesting, I will ask for proof of either Group Funds or R$ in your account.

2) No Refunds

After an order has been completed and you, the client, have approved it, refunds will not be available at any point in time. You are not required to pay beforehand so in reality, you shouldn’t have any reason to request a refund.

3) No PSD Files

I typically do not give the PSD files away to my clients due to the risk of losing some important parts of my design process that I don’t want to publically share. If I feel the need to, I’ll then share the PSD file with you. I keep all of the PSD files so if at any point you need a minor adjustment to the design, I’ll be happy to make it.

4) Asking for Free Art

This should be obvious, but if you ask me for free art, I will immediately decline you and blacklist you from ever ordering from me.

By choosing to commission me, you accept the terms listed above. If you disagree with any of the terms listed, I suggest you don’t commission me. If there’s something specific you’d like to discuss, feel free to DM me on Discord and I’ll respond accordingly.

Commissions Status: OPEN

Discord: Astrollect#9573
Discord Server: discord.gg/K8t2vgw

I’m typically available only a few hours during the weekdays so don’t expect an immediate response if you try to contact me.

Thanks for taking the time to look over my portfolio!


Worked with @astrollect a few times now, and I can vouch for his professionalism and the quality of work he has produced. I have to say, his prices are very moderate and you’ll find it hard to get your work done by another designer with those rates.

Watch this space, his work is always top tier and competitive!


Awesome work! Organized nice and neat into a great portfolio! :+1:


I can say with 100% guarantee that @Astrollect’s GFX work is one of the best out there! His work is absolutely amazing, he makes sure that you like it and will make any changes if you don’t. He has huge potential and because of this I recommend him for any of your GFX needs.


A good friend and an amazing graphics designer :100: I’ve commissioned him for a twitter header and he got it done in a quick amount of time and the result was outstanding. 100% recommend. :bangbang:


Worked with @Astrollect in the past, he’s a cool guy and a good graphics designer. Seeing him grow as a designer has showed his diligence in this field, and you should definitely consider him as your next designer. :+1:


Amazing graphics! I’ve commissioned him a couple of times and he always met my expectations and beyond. I definitely recommend hiring him seeing as his work is very cheap for the quality that he gives you. Keep it up man! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ordered, quality work, loved what he gave me, did what i requested, uhh don’t know what to say, but like you should hire him.


Nice work! Keep it up! Once i get enough robux i will definetly consider buying one of your commisions!

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Whats the diffrence between a Rendered Scene and a Genre Based Thumbnail that makes it have a 1.5-3.5k robux price increase?

Genre thumbnails consist of one character render, text, and a background (with some minor effects). A rendered scene consists of multiple characters doing stuff within an environment (such as inside a cafe handing drinks or at a cash register taking orders in a restaurant).

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Great works!

I contacted you via Discord. Hope we can sort out a deal :slight_smile:

absolutely amazing work fro Astrollect, he finishes stuff very quickly, but the results are absolutely amazing. Keep it up, Astrollect!


Absolutely stunning portfolio, I’ll be in touch!


How often do you get sales?

30 Characters

Sent you a friend request. :slight_smile:

Excellent work ethic and hasty delivery. Clearly dedicated to his craft and producing the best quality out there.


He has absolutely stunning work! It was clear that he is passionate about graphic design! Will look forward to work with him again :smile:

Keep it up man!

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wow. your work is literally the cleanest graphics i have seen in so long. i’d love to get a game icon and a couple of thumbnails off of you. i have added you on discord. but i wanted to ask you if you are possibly interested in a percentage? if you are somewhat interested, let me know. i can give you the game info and it’ll most likely know that this game is going to be a hit. thank you for your time and have a nice rest of your day!

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Although I am not interested in hiring you,

These graphics look amazing, keep up the good work!

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