[CLOSED] Builder needed for Kingdom Warfare

About Me

Hello everyone. I’m hunxrepair the creator of Xalvador Studios and sole developer of Kingdom Warfare a resource gathering, building and fighting game revolved around controlling your AI soldiers against the orcs.

If you’re interested you can check this fan uploaded video on youtube about the game.

The Team
@hunxrepair - Project Manager, Programmer, UI designer, Animator
@YourUsername - Builder
My speciality is programming however and you can take a look at my portfolio.

About The Job

I’m looking for a long term builder who can build semi-realistic medieval buildings such as barracks, houses, towers. Also orcish styled buildings such as walls, towers. The game will also need enemy orc AIs built. You would also be building terrain using smooth terrain.


  • Please link me to the games you’ve previously worked on if any.
  • Please be prepared to show examples of your past work.
  • Please tell me how many hours you can work per week (whilst attending school/college/uni/work if you do).
  • Our tasks will be put onto Trello so an account is needed.


This job is paid via a x% share of revenue + a fixed amount of either x R$ or the equivalent in GBP via PayPal once the game is released. I’m open to negotiating.

Contact Me

Questions are welcome. :slight_smile:


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