[CLOSED] Builder needed for Valley Community High School

Greetings! Valley Community High School is an urban school group that serves as one of the largest public high school groups with over 30,000+ members! We aim to provide all students with an empowering learning experience. Students are able to discover and form brand new friendships, find new activities to do, and learn from their staff. Our staff and executives strives each and every day to make VCHS a better place for our community. We operate as a real-life based high school with the days/hours; Monday through Friday from 5:30 PM until 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We are currently seeking for an Architect to build our very own Administrative Office building!

What we are looking for:

  • Modern OR Low Polly Builder/Architect - We are currently seeking for a modern builder to develop our very own administrative office building and to provide regular/seasonal updates to our games if necessary.

We are currently in need of an Administrative Office building which will provide offices, meeting & press conference rooms, front reception area, etc. More details will be discussed once a candidate is selected for this position.

For this position, I am willing to pay 15,000-30,000 R$ based on quality and experience.

Contact Us!
We are looking for submissions of examples of your work through discord. All candidates will have to go through a processed interview before being getting the desired position. To identify if you are interested in the position, please provide examples of your work; whether it be games, screenshots, or even a portfolio. My DM’s are usually closed, so you may contact any Vice President and they will forward any of your work to me. If you are interested in this position, please reach out to us by November 1, 2020. All qualified candidates MUST be at least 14 years old or older. We hope to be working with you soon!

Contact Information:

@mellyeos, President
Valley Community High School

@torrieos, Vice President & Chairwoman
Valley Community High School

@adouryn, Vice President
Valley Community High School

@wasteIandbby, Vice President
Valley Community High School
kaylee bop!#7777


I am interested


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Hi there! My partner @LysticaI and I are interested in this project! We’re a building duo and we work on projects together. Here’s a document with some of our work.

I sent you a friend request. We look forward to talking with you soon!


Feel free to discuss with me about this position, I’m quite interested



I have sent you a friend request on Discord, my username is Leah#7621

Hi, are you interested in more realistic lighting? I can help! Here is my portfolio if you are interested!

Hello, there I am very interested, I have sent you a friend request at:

Hello! I’m Aeches. I’m interested in this position, however I wouldn’t be able to be sole builder due to time constraints. If you were to go with a route split between a few developers, I’d be willing to help out! :slight_smile:

I would love to be a builder! Feel free to dm me! ObbyMasterMine#0001

My name is Breck, which is Irish!
Here is my portfolio! [Opened] ObbyMasterMine - Builder/UI Designer

I have worked for many groups, such as the below.

Splendid Cafe - Developer
Hype Hotels and Resorts - Head Developer
Bubble Tea - Developer
Project FA - Developer
Smart Coast Hotels - UI Designer

And others!

I would love to work with you guys, making the group better and better each day!

Thank you for reading my application,

For Additional Information,

My Discord is ObbyMasterMine#0001

Best Regards,

ObbyMasterMine | Breck

Hello, there! I’m Zackary (or you can call me Zxacqz). I am not a Architect/Builder, but I would like to vouch @SP4CEVIBES (Xevcs). Personally, I have seen a lot of potential in him, and think he would be perfect for the position!

Here is his twitter for past builds: https://twitter.com/bleqed_DevRBLX

Thank you for kindly reading this thread, and I wish you the best of luck uppon finding your builder.

Best regards,

Zxacqz | Zackary

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