[Closed] Clothing Artist For Hire

[Waiting To Be Removed ;-;]

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I am not trying to hate, but this is not possible for your basic designs. Robux are just a online currency, you can’t donate them to people in need. The only way you can do a to the people in need is of you DevEx 100k Robux. I suggest looking more into other ways :grinning:

wrong category, #collaboration:portfolios

Hi there, portfolios/“for hire” posts don’t go in recruitment. They go in #collaboration:portfolios :slight_smile:

@pixfui She most likely meant donating the robux, not real money.

Damn, I have a lot to learn xD

I know how I’m not very professional, I just started a month ago, and I’m just trying to get more experience doing this. any suggestions?

Ahhh sorry! I am new, I have a lot to learn!

I just wanted to give you some info on the #collaboration categories.

#collaboration:recruitment is meant for hiring people.

and #collaboration:portfolios is for saying that you are for hire and showing your ability etc.

To learn more about the #collaboration category visit Here.

Thank you for letting me know, I will do that next time!

Thank you! I will move it there!

Can you please refrain from making the title “[Topic Deleted]” since it isn’t actually deleted. I would suggest using the flag system and use “Custom” and write that you want to delete your post and list a reason why.

Oh okay, sorry about that. I’m not very good at this.

And also you seemed to have made multiple of the same posts? This would be spam and spamming the same posts on the forums aren’t allowed you should read the DevForum Rules which can be located Here. And you have another post which is the same thing Here.

Yeah, I’m waiting for the post to be removed ;-;

Cuz they were in the wrong category.