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Commission Developer Hub:

Welcome to the Unusual Incidents Unit’s Commission Developer Hub! This post exists to post work in which our group needs commissioned. You can find all of the needed work done below. This post is regularly updated on a need-be basis with new projects and, if need be, new posts will be made for larger projects.

For all information regarding payment and likewise, please visit this page - especially if this is your first time working for our group in particular.

No commissions currently available.

This list contains completed development work that originated within this topic or work that was commissioned via a different method. This does not include work completed via our development team.

Hallway Commission

Stargate UI Interface (scripted)

More coming soon!

Need to contact us for any reason? Use the different contacts below in order to reach us!

  • Private message me, @wolfman8071 here.
  • My Discord: ɍøŧŧɨnǥ_ᵽᵾnꝁ#5799
  • Search up our group using the following phrase: The Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU). The group page has our communication servers as well.

Thank you for reading, if indeed you still are. We look forward to hearing from developers of all trades!

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Hello @wolfman8071! I am interested in the position:

However, I would need more info on the game, and type of payment. For USD I usually only accept PayPal.

Here is my portfolio:

I’m interested in the building position! I unfortunately do not have a portfolio, but I can provide images of my work when we get in contact! Hope to talk to you soon.

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Thank you for reaching out! I apologize for the late response. If you are still interested, please be sure to DM me using the contact above.

To answer your question, the game is a group game based around a facility, similar to most SCPF sites you might find around the platform. However, we are taking it a different direction with a focus on new mechanics. The commission only requires a hallway model, preferably with the T, +, and L variations as well rather than producing an entire map. And yes, our USD payments are all made via PayPal.