[CLOSED] Commissioning a composer for an adventure game soundtrack


The Game

What Style

Seeking composers that can do music in any of the following styles: 8 bit/chiptune, electronic, dramatic, ambient, and music that specifically fits boss battles.

Not limited to these, but ideally it should fit the vibe of an adventure game.

Number of Tracks

The game itself features around ten chapters, which all need a few different tracks. If you’re interested, the game’s bonus content will likely also need music down the line.


Willing to pay a solid amount of robux/USD or a % of game revenue (all negotiable). Drop your Discord @ below and some examples of your music if you’re interested. We can talk about it more there.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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The game is locked.


The game is locked as it is not out yet. I figured it’s important to link it as knowing what it’d be for would matter.

Here’s the second in the series:

The mechanics/environment in the second game are a bit dated and don’t represent the third one accurately, which is why I didn’t want to link it.

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Discord- Basile#0858

Can send you quite a few examples of some of my work through discord. Seems like a fun project.

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If you’re still looking for someone:



My dis is Intended_Pun#9624

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I have found my composers. Thanks for the help!


One composer could not handle the workload with their schedule, so I have reopened the commission. Looking for a composer!



Let’s chat!
I’ve done work for lots of clients on the platform and I’m currently tackling some side projects and would love to help! Shoot me an add!

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