Music Composer For Hire


Hey! I am an avid music producer who’s looking for some fun making music for people on Roblox! I’m probably more known as a programmer but music is my main passion. I’d love to help people add some original music to their games!

What genres I make
I primarily produce electronic music, but I have been incorporating acoustic elements into it for some time now. I honestly don’t think about genre that much while producing so I have a wide variety of styles that I’ve covered in the past. It’s important to note that although I use orchestral instruments, I’m not that experienced with creating full-fledged orchestral songs. I would love to try it, of course, but if you’re looking for something like that I might not be a great first choice. I’d feel comfortable producing basically any genre though.

My portfolio
I upload my finished projects to SoundCloud. I’m already working on a new batch of music to put on there!

All my music is here.

I also recommend checking out my latest album because it really showcases my musical skills. Actually, I’ve improved in the few months since I’ve released that, so it’s really just the tip of the iceberg! I love working on my craft and perfecting it :slight_smile:

(Payment through group funds only)

One song is 10K R$ (~17.00 USD). It will be made from scratch and can be any genre and mood you want.

I will compose an entire soundtrack (10 songs) for your game for 50K (~85.00 USD) R$.

If you go with one song, give me a week or two to make it. If it’s a soundtrack, expect 2-4 weeks. Making music takes a long time and also requires being in a creative mindset, so these things can take a while. I will always ask for your feedback as I’m making the music.

DM me on the devforums first so we can get in touch. If I accept the job, it would be convenient if we could talk over Discord. I live in the central time zone (USA) so I might be on at different times. I’m also still in high school so I can’t work or be in contact all day every day.



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Dude. Your music is lit.



Thanks :slight_smile:



FYI I’m not making sound effects (Unless they’re not realistic. Synthesized sounds like those in Mario are doable). I can point anyone looking for sound effects in the right direction though: is where I get mine.

If you need help cleaning them up or something, I would be happy to assist. :slight_smile: Sorry for any misunderstanding in the original post.