[Closed] Daystopia || Builder Portfolio

About Me

Hello, I’m Daystopia and I’m 17 years old. I’ve been building on Roblox for two years and leading projects outside Roblox for five years. My specialty is furniture and architecture and I work mostly with the low poly style.

Although all the work listed here is my own I usually don’t work alone. I work with my building partner @LocalLoaf on projects, if you’re interested in another quality builder I suggest him.

I’m also the Director at Headstart Game Design. It is a volunteer service to teach people game development skills. (Headstart Game Design - Roblox)

High Poly
Cottage House

Door Set


Console Tables

Standing Shelves


Bed Frames

Low Poly
Low Poly Structures

Low Poly Furniture

Low Poly Rooms

Low Poly Animals


  • Familiar with unions.
  • Familiar with plugins.
  • Familiar with textures.
  • Proficient with blueprints and references.
  • Active and clear communicator.


I’m available for a good amount of time. I’d say about 4-8 hours.
Currently open for commissions and a long-term position.


Payment may be lowered or raised depending on style and complexity of the model.
I take USD (Paypal) and Robux (Giftcards or Groupfunds).

Hiring by the hour can be tricky to place one price on, so this can be discussed more in depth.
Starting prices for hourly are $15 USD/4286 Robux an hour, and may increase depending on the job.



You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord. Daystopia#3063
Thank you for reading and considering me for hire!


Very nice builder for reasonable prices. I asked him to make something for me, and he made it better than I even expected, highly recommend.

  • Added extra examples.
  • Added rates for high and low poly models.

Let me know what you think of my rates and what I can add to make this portfolio better! :^)

Discord: Daystopia#2138