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Hello there! Welcome to my portfolio, my name is nodoubtstolen. As you can see above, I am a builder and terrain artist, I’ve been building in studio here at ROBLOX for 8+ years on and off, starting in 2016. I started building for fun, making airports and hangout places, just discovering studio. Little did I know, 8 years later I’d be building for people and making new friends and gaining more experience throughout my journey. also accept commissions in terms of terrain and maps.

Realistic Work


Low Poly

Commission for Sprinklify
Sprinklify - Roblox


Commission for Sakura Kitchen - Terrain & Exterior of Restaurant done by me.
Sakura Kitchen - Roblox

Commission for Noah’s Treehouse - Terrain/Map & Buildings done by me.
Project Treehouse - Roblox

Prices will vary for each build, these are just estimates to fit the size required.
Large Build - 30,000 :robux:
Medium Build - 20,000 :robux:
Small Build - 10,000 :robux:

Custom Projects - 10,000-100,000 :robux:

As stated above, prices will vary from cafes, restauraunts, homestores, etc.

Additional notes
Please do not rush any build. You are not my only order, so please don’t beg me to start on yours. Credit MUST be given.
I have every right to decline your order, although that is unlikely.
Prices are extremely negotiable.
I specialize in cafes and restaurants, that’s what I tend to do often.
Please inform me of a deadline to which your build would like to be done on.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord at “rinnegan.”
Preferably on Discord.

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:
Formerly known as k4sah, xvsze, stolenluck


Just put out some new prices, should be more affordable!

I really recommend k4sah. He’s very talented, and professional. His work is great, and his communication is great. He never gave anyone a hard time, and was very professional.

I really recommend k4sah for your future games.


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K4 just finished the all of the terrain and some of the building for Ukipa V2 and I am absolutely stunned. Unfortunately, the work can not be displayed yet, as the game is unreleased, but trust me when I say that it is really something else. No other developer could have done better than what he has put together for my upcoming game

On top of the amazing quality, he was incredibly swift and was able to get the job done within 3 days of starting, he was very communicative with my team and I the entire time, and was very flexible with my requests. Even after giving him some of the most challenging tasks, he was able to pull through and exceed my expectations

If you’re looking for a talented, fast, affordable builder and/or terrainer, k4sah is your guy; I highly recommend him


@k4sah - I have added you on comms.


I would like to discuss a long-term project I would like to have you involved in. Thanks.

Hey all!
I’m currently revamping my portfolio.
I have plenty of projects that have not released yet, as soon as they release I will be able to add more examples under my new Low Poly and Terrain categories! So, I’ll be revamping this soon!


Your Discord is invalid, please add me or provide your current user+tag.

Sorry about that! Working on a new portfolio to replace this one. Commissions aren’t currently open, but they will be after I launch my new portoflio.

Hey! I’m interested, but I can’t add you on discord it says you’re not accepting friend requests.

Is percentage available for payment?

No, not at the moment. Still configuring this!

Sorry about that! Just fixed it.

Hi. My friend is forming a development team. I am a builder but can’t do it all myself. He is looking for a long term dev. Dm me or him

Sorry, I do not accept percentage at the moment.

Hey, I added you on discord Hashim#6079

Hey! Tried to add you on discord regarding a commission, but your tag did not work!

Commissions are now open! I will be taking limited commissions though.