Closed for renovations… Thanks to everyone who supported me!

Hi there, I am in charge of development for a game - currently unreleased - called South Gale Railway. I do not have the ability to supply you with any form of payment, and our entire team is made up of volunteers from our community, but we are looking for new track designs as of the moment and it would be great if you could design the following:

  • A detailed train track
  • A detailed 30’ turn train track
  • A Buffer.

I’m sticking to stuff that someone who doesn’t seem to be big on transport could manage. We already have models for more complicated things such as an AWS system (See AWS)

Anyway, thank you for reading and there is no rush to the completion of this, just preferably as soon as you can manage.

Hi, I’m sorry but this is too advanced for a free commission. I am not experienced with train tracks, so I recommend finding an experienced builder who can do this :slight_smile:

Hello i would like to hire you message me for more info

I’m interested in hiring you with payment. Add me on discord, Adverse#3861.

Want to join my development team King Shot?

Hello there. I am interested in hiring you! Contact me on Discord, if you’d want to! ÕĆŤĀVÍÁÑ#9776

Hi! Can you message me on here instead? I prefer not to use discord for commissions, thanks!

Could we do it on here instead? Thanks!

Not looking for a long term job at the moment - might be open for discussion in a few months.

Could you get better pictures of your Shotgun? Its kind of hard to see.

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I’m currently not open everyone!

Okay just make sure you get rid of this thing.

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Can’t tell you all when I’ll be open again. Hopefully when Bad Kitties is released.
I’ll still be free when I come back, don’t worry everyone. I do accept pay, but don’t feel like you need to.

I accept pay in robux, small pieces of lint, and unwinded paper clips.

Good news, bad news.

Good news: I’m open. (It’s great, I know)
Bad news: I’m not free, BUT basic props are free.

If you commissioned me previously, or left “I will hire you in the future” on my poll PRIOR to this date, your advanced small asset is free for the next week and a half.

20% off sale. 2 slots open, small, non advanced assets are free.

Sent message on forums.

30 letters

Can you make a couple guns? I need it for my team game GTC.

Lets continue this in DMS. Are you going to pay?

Why are you asking people to pay when in your title is says free…

It says “Free NON ADVANCED small assets”.

I consider guns to be the center of the game, and not a small asset.

I’m going to change the title.