Closed for renovations… Thanks to everyone who supported me!

Closed for renovations! Thanks to everyone who commissioned me when I was free, revamping on a different topic!



Hey there pal if you are open for food mesh/modelling with or without texture contact me!


or here in Devforum!

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Hey, I’m going to put this simple.

I asked for a free tree, and it came in 24 hours! :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:
They are kind, polite and helpful! Thank you, @EpicTradings! :+1:

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Hey everyone! Thanks to all of you who have bought my work. I updated it a bit, and added some revisions.

I have some commissions right now, but I am excited for all of your orders!

Oh just to clarify, I have 3 SLOTS LEFT!!! Take them while they are open.


@EpicTradings was great! I asked him for a house and it came promptly. It was exactly what I asked for and he was super nice and easy to work with!

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Complete portfolio revamp. 2 slots open currently, order fast!

Still open, finishing up a commission right now.

His service was great and fast and he was very easy to work with. I definitely recommend @EpicTradings!

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Finished my prior commission, now is the time to order. Assets will be completed throughout the week.

btw slight image revamp and added testimonials!

sci- fi shot gun if you do this when iget bobux ima remmeber to give it to you

I noticed you deleted the post about the sci-fi shotgun! I work for free, so no money is needed if that is what you are worried about.

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If its not to much trouble, could you make a mini version of my avatar?
If you can can you dm me it thru the devforum? Thanks! And if you can’t, that’s fine too since your doing it free!

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Hey there,

I was looking for some ocean assets such as seaweed, coral, etc.

If you could make some, that would be great!

for how long is this going to be free?

For the time being! Maybe a few more months, or indefinitely. Depends on how my goals change.

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Yay! All commissions are finished, I’ll be filling up some slots.

Added a bunch of new builds and rearranged them. Some small updates to fit aesthetic.

STATUS: :green_circle: (open)

the guys skill are pretty good if you don’t have much bobux I defiantly recommend

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Thanks! Super fun to work with you :slight_smile:

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I have one slot left. There is a 1 week delay for it, (due to TONS of commissions)

i want to hire you please
contact me