[CLOSED] Frappé® (290k members) - Hiring a Full Time Builder! [100K+ R$]

I’m interested in building for your group.

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I’m interested in this opportunity!

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Hi there! I am extremely interested,

Discord Username: Fabi#6839

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I’m interested, Dirty Dan#8272

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Interested. Discord: Saccharine#5230

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I am very interested, AxzYamir#0750

Very interested. :slight_smile: Jackpho#1403

I’m interested, Dark-Sama#8056 :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m interested, heres my work: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder

I’m interested. My discord is @ScriptSkater#7679.

I have sent you a Discord request and here is my handle: Fomer#3002

I have read the proficiency requirements and believe I meet the criteria of those requirements, but I still don’t know exactly what I’d be building for the group. I would like to discuss more details on what the hired builder should be building, as I am not familiar with the group or community.


ooo, I’m interested! ari!!#1965

Would you also be in need of a composer?

I’m Interested in this position. I believe that I would be a great fit due to my Communication skills and my previous experience working in Large groups such as “United States Military 1960’s” And a few more. Here is my Dev Forum Portfolio [PORTFOLIO] PhilipNordin - Building

You can contact me on Discord “Human#0806”

Very interested in this position, I have added you on Discord @Interveptic#0265 hoping to get the job! :slight_smile: I know this is going to be a hard assignment, but i’m always down for the challenge.

I’m interested! Message and friend me on discord for my past work - @Dan_XD1#6964

I’m interested in the position, sent you a few questions on discord: OfficiallyPixel#4553

I’ve been building for more than 4 years and have worked with many developers on various projects similar to this. I’m familiar with Frappe’s building style and technical aspects. I can further discuss with you via DM’s.

I am interested, and will contact you on Discord! :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: Thank you all for your interest in the position. It has now been filled. :+1:


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