[CLOSED] French Breakfast | Hiring Animator

About Us

Ovations! We are French Breakfast, an upcoming breakfast bar aka. cafe on the Roblox industrial platform. We’re looking for an animator who is willing to implement in our development making a few animations for our game!

The Team
@LuvNatt - Architectural Designer
@ImperialArts - Assistant Architectural Designer
@Greenaidtank88 - Modeler
@xJos_hy - Programmer
@rooboo14 - Assistant Programmer
@Hydroflasq - UI Designer
@j3rrz - Graphics Design

About The Job

We are looking for a professional animator and do a few simple animations for our company. For instance, egg/pancake cooking animations, cracking eggs, drinking/eating animations. We will provide further detail on tasks once you contact us within the information below.


We are paying over 5,000-10,000 Robux, payment will depend on the quality of your work. Furthermore, it will be continued as a discussion personally through Discord. The only option for payment will be Robux, we are not proceeding with PayPal/USD.


  • 13+ Years
  • Registered Discord account.
  • Provide several examples of work.
  • Must communicate easily and keep the founders updated with recent work.
  • Must consist of a good reputation within the community, no past scamming, stealing, etc.



  • Founder: Pew Pew#0442 - (LuvNatt)
  • Co Founder: a.#5211 - (austhinn)

Thanks for reading, we hope you are apart of our team soon! :slight_smile:

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Super interested!

Sent a friend request on discord,


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Hey I’m interested in this job! You can find my animation portfolio here: BloatedDev - Animator Portfolio :slight_smile:

If you want to get in contact with me, here’s my discord: Toothpaste#2512

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We have found an animator! We are no longer accepting other individuals.

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