[CLOSED] From 300R | Digital Art / 2d Art / Icon

:ocean:ABOUT ME:ocean:

Hi there! I’m Wissy (not my real name), a 14 year old who wants to improve on drawing. I have been drawing since I learn how to hold a pencil. My computer is currently broken, so I use my phone and Medibang.


Here are my drawings:
(More examples to come soon! For now, these are the only available orders.)

Roblox Style Icon

300 :robux: each!

Commission for ShidSki

Commision for PerfectlyBlack

Commission for Xavi_SodaIsEpic

Commission for DoomzDevRBLX

Chibi Style Icon

750 :robux: each!

Commision for Ady1111

Commission for TheBloxxyHunter

Game Icon

450 :robux: each!
I’m not really good on making a logo so…

This was originally, though he almost scammed me. Luckily, I avoided it.

:ocean:TERMS & CONDITIONS:ocean:

Please read before ordering. Ordering a commision means you accept ALL of the terms and conditions so please be sure to read all of it!

  • Do not pay me unless I said so.
  • You will pay half of the price when I started to do the sketch (I will be informing you). I will not proceed to the next step (lineart) until you pay the first half.
  • When I send you the finished watermarked version, that will be your cue to pay me the other half. Once I recieve your payment, I will send you the version without watermark. (I don’t want to get scammed, sorry.)
  • Please don’t pay me to make me work faster. I will be prioritizing those who ordered first.
  • I will be sending you a form regarding the order (infos about the order like the character, bg, ect.)
    *Please let me know if you have a certain deadline so I know if could manage to do it or not.

:ocean:PAYMENT METHOD:ocean:

Group funds only, sorry.


You can contact me on Discord. Please let me know if you messaged me.

Discord: bactewia#6195

Thanks for reading!:heart: Please let me know if there’s something wrong with the prices! Or if they are overpriced!


I really like your drawing style! Very detailed portfolio too! Good luck! :smiley:


Updated Prices :slight_smile:

Now 200R and 400R (old)

I’ll tell you this,

raise your pricing

Your work is amazing, you’re pricing is too low.

I recommend 700-1.5k


Yeah, however, it’s my first time doing a commission so I’m not really trusted yet… Would anybody even order if I set it that high??

I agree, your prices are very low, but I do recommend starting at lower prices like I did. You will most likely get many commissions and have tons of examples to put out there. As you gain experience, you should raise your prices over time. You do not have to agree with this, this is just how I’ve been doing it and for me this strategy works extremely well! Also, your art is amazing and I bet you will receive many commissions! I wish you good luck!

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I’d definitely up them slightly.

Starting low is good - because it brings more interest. But make sure you earn what you deserve.

I’m sure people won’t mind you bumping up the prices slightly as even I can assume these aren’t easy to make! :smiley:


Wow your art is just… amazing. If I needed an icon then you would def be my first choice!


Okay, thanks for the feedback! I’d definitely raise them soon enough :slight_smile:


I am truly impressed of the outcome. She’s fast, friendly and delivers an astounding quality for such a low price. I recommend buying from her! Top service!


Update: Raised the prices slightly…

Amazing work, she managed to make me an icon really fast and it was a high quality one. I recommend buying from her.

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Woah! I will hire you once I get some more Robux as this is amazing work!

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Price have changed; new category

Your commission for TheBloxxyHunter was my favorite one out of all! Keep it up :heartpulse::heartpulse:

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