[CLOSED] Front Runners is looking for a Scripter

Last question(s);

  1. Would it be required for the programmer to work in your same game ( can it be separate )
    I am asking that only because a downpayment would make it more fair for the programmer to protect their code.
  2. Deadlines?
  1. It would be required, we are collaborating as a team and assets will be exchanged between members to develop their own work. If you are skeptical about whether we are able or willing to pay you can talk to me directly on Discord: Lester#1488

  2. We’re aiming for a mid-late June release, but no hard deadlines. We need to be shown you work consistently and at a reasonable pace.

If you’re looking for a reliable programmer, whos able to complete your project and tasks in a reasonable time with perfection, I recommend @Muoshoob.

Im interested in this position. Ill send you a friend request via Discord.

Thanks for the recommendation @DaffyDavinko ! :smile:

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Odalric#4364 is my discord. I’m looking forward to being a modeler.

Contact me!

Does this mean that while texturing the modeller would have to UV unwrap before or after a texture is provided?

Looking to apply to be the animator.

Sent you a friend request on discord, neddleduck#7589

Here is a quick set of some recent work :


The unwrapped weapon would need to include an easy to read UV Layout to allow for future textures to be applied. A texture is applied after the weapon is unwrapped.


Super interested :eyes:, definitely going to apply.

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Good luck and I hope the game turns out on the front page!

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