[CLOSED] Front Runners is looking for a Scripter

About Us

GREETINGS! We are producing a game titled: “Front Runners.” Front Runners is a class based first person shooter, centered around a variety gamemodes ranging from King of the Hill to Capture the Flag. We’re looking for a Scripter, an Animator, and a Gun Modeler to bring this project to fruition. We’re looking to ship an alpha in mid-late June, though the release date is flexible.

The Team

The current development team consists of experienced and Bloxy Award winning developers.

@Kalumny - Building/Investor
@asapkuga - Building
@xonae - Scripter
@copuni - Modeler/Game Design
@MB_Sniper - Gun Modeler
@Nicoehh - UI
@kittxr - UI/GFX
@SplashyEXE - Animator
@Campyfire - Sound Design
Multiple members of the ROLVe Skin Committee

About the Job

The Scripting Job
Cybertech is looking for a dedicated experienced scripter, who has experience in the FPS genre. We need someone confident in their abilities to succeed and can work at a reasonable pace.

Everything that needs to be scripted for release include but are not limited to:

  • An inventory system
  • A match system, changing maps after each game
  • Scripting of UI
  • 10 guns/weapons scripted (should be proficient in hit scan, projectiles, and melee)
  • Health/Ammo packs
  • Crates/Lootboxes
  • Automatic saving of inventory & statistics

Payment consists of 1,025,000 robux and a 30% (~1/3) share of games revenue after release, and the ROBUX will be payed when you finish your first job.




Contact Us!

If you are interested and you have any questions, you can ask here on the DevForum, or you can message me directly on Discord: Lester#1488
Business hours are from 16:00-24:00 EST and you must be 16 years or older to apply.

We’re seeking candidates who are excited and enthusiastic about what they do! Please be prepared to present your portfolio and/or show past works and projects.

We hope to see you soon!


Very excited to meet our new potential devs!


I’m really interested! I sent you a friend request on discord. Er1k#7026

Hey I am interested add me @ q_arn#4563. (I sent a request.)

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If you message me on Discord and I am offline and/or not responsive, please state what job you’re applying for and show either a portfolio and/or previous work that showcases your skill.


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added you i am willing to work with you guys!

Guys I know the payment is large but don’t underestimate yourself, because of it! If you think you know your stuff don’t be afraid to contact. Always remember that you have nothing to lose when applying for us. :smile:


Hello My Name Is Med I Turn 16 In 6 Days I Have 7 Years Of Experience And Love To 3D Model I & Others Find My Models Very Good, I Have A Mic And Look Forward To Speaking With You And Hopefully
Get A Spot On The Team. i messaged you on discord :smile:


If you’re looking for builders, then well, you know where to find me.


Brilliant, I have Dmed you on discord.

Im really interested in the scripting position. I added you on Discord. My name is ScriptedIcy. :slight_smile:

For the programming job I would suggest @Kensizo and @Stratiz, due to the fact that they worked with 3rd Person Camera Manipulation and others, for Modeling I would recommend @Bloxrrey and for the animator position I would recommend @ScytheSlayin. Anyways these are my recommendations so I wish luck with the game! :slight_smile:


Hello, added you on discord. I am Marcus#3951 :smiley:

Messaged you on discord for the animator position!

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Does this include a downpayment? Is this DevExable robux?


I’m also interested Vincent G#3543

I’m interested in not the money but for a known profile kind discord : TheRealRedDino#6476

This is DevExable robux, although there is no downpayment. Money will be upon completion of your job.

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Thanks for the recommendation!!

@Kalumny I’ve contacted you via discord.

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Hey I like ur couch if you ever need help 3D modeling I can help u if u want cause ik ur just getting into it.