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Hello, my name is gloows and I am an experienced builder, terrain designer and map designer. I have been developing games on Roblox for about 4 years and I’d say I definietely know my way around.

I’ve so far contributed to over 10,000,000 total place visits!
Let me take you on a quick tour of some of my previous and current building projects! (In order)
(shoutout to @IAmHjorth for modelling most of the meshes in some of the maps below)

gloow's Library (January 2020)

Library game I made with one of my friends for fun.

gloow's Tea Shop (January 2020)

Small tea shop hangout made for fun, you were able to order tea which was pretty much about it.

Unofficial Egg Hunt 2020 (January 2020)

One of my first “big projects”, was originally going to release around March or April of 2020 but never ended up releasing due to lack of a proper scripter.

Campsite Showcase (January 2020)

Small showcase game I made to experiment with lighting.

Gloow's Sale Hangout (January 2020)

Hangout game made specifically upcoming sales, this hangout was later replaced by the newer version which can be seen later in this post.

Island Hangout (February 2020)

Made as a small hangout to socialize and chat with other people.

6th Annual Bloxy Awards Recreation (February 2020)

Tried recreating the 6th Annaul Bloxy awards event game for fun.

Flex Your RAP (February 2020)

A simple map for a game inspired by “Flex Your Account Age” by a developer named “Rdite”.

Egg Hunt 2020 Leaks Hub (February 2020

A small island hub showcasing leaks a theories for the then upcoming Egg Hunt event of 2020.

Battle for Glory (March 2020)

A small map designed for a game of mine called “Battle for Glory”, put together quickly so it’s not intended to be advanced.

Egg Hunt Testing (April 2020)

Simple easter/egg hunt showcase made due to me following a tutorial on how to script a simple “egg hunt”. Later used this map to experiment with depth of field when it was first added.

Domino Madness (April 2020)

Experimental game made for fun, the map is based in a room where everything is porpotioned as huge compared to the player.

Throwing/Fruit Simulator (March - May 2020

Originally Throwing Simulator, Fruit Simulator was the first ever simulator I’ve worked on after playing a game by the name of Soda Simulator which inspired me and my friend to start on this project. It eneded up getting abandoned due to the chaotic team strutuce with around 3 scripters and no one essentially working on the game. The game had various versions of the map throughout development but the one shown is the latest.

Slipstream (May 2020)

Slipstream was originally going to be a car/racing game but ended up never releasing due to loss of motivation for it. Here are some models initially made for it while it was in the works.

Gloow's Sale Hangout V2 (May 2020)

A lobby/hangout place made for the then upcoming Memorial Day Sale 2020 which in the end never ended up happening.

Gummy Bear Simulator (June - September 2020

The second ever simulator I’ve worked on, so many memories and nostalgia, I really do miss summer 2020 to be fair but the map wasn’t all the great looking back on it, a lot of the models weren’t made for the game in the first place.

Nitro Mayhem (June 2020)

A race track map made for one of my small games called “Nitro Mayhem”, had loads of fun making this map!

Shaking Legends (July 2020)

Scrapped simulator idea by the name of “Shaking Legends”

Lemington Outpost (August 2020)

Small map made for a colonial roleplay group.

PHS5 Countdown Hangout (August 2020)

Used for one of my old games “Pet Hatching Simulator 5” to hype up big updates. First used at the highly anticipated launch of the game.

Pet Hatching Simulator 5 (August 2020 - November 2021)

My biggest and longest running project yet, had a blast working on it and many warm memories but not so warm ones aswell. Stopped working on the game due to toxic management and a unskilled team in general. Many problems ended up showing up in the such as exploiters targeting it and way to many bugs. Pet Hatching Simulator 5 was the sequel game to the first one called, you guessed it, Pet Hatching Simulator 4. A lot of things changed map-wise throughout development but the following is the latest version of it.

Bloxtober: Trick or Treat Town (September 2020)

Yet another small showcase I made because I was bored.

Juice Simulator (October 2020)

Juice Simulator was a game heavily inspired by BGS me and my friend were working on during a short period before scrapping it.

Lantern Simulator Old Map (October - November 2020)

The first version of the map intended for a project that has been put on hold - Lantern Simulator.

Ice Cream Simulator Unfinished Map (November 2020)

This was started on in late November 2020 in intention of starting a new simulator after previously working on Pet Hatching Simulator 5, got scrapped and switched to Potion Simulator later on.

Potion Simulator Old Map (December 2020)

This game is actually out and playable at the moment, this was the old map used back at the early stages of development in December 2020.

Roliday: Christmas Market (December 2020)

Showcase game made from boredom and experimentation with certain building styles. (Not affiliated with Roliday)

Egg Hunt 2021 Leaks Hub (January - February 2021)

A hangout game, similar to the previous “Egg Hunt 2020 Leaks Hub” the year previously it showcased leaks and news regarding the what we thought was going to be Egg Hunt 2021 but later turned out to be a Metaverse Hunt event leading into major disappointment within the egg hunt community.

Pepper Simulator (February 2021)

Collaboration map with @DevVanish to be used for our then short-lived upcoming simulator “Pepper Simulator” which later got put on hold as the scripter left.

50s Diner Showcase (April 2021)

Low poly cafe made with a realistic enviroment, mainly made for fun as I wanted to experiment with new styles.

Build a Car! (April 2021)

Car garage build made for a short-lived game I was working on with @IdleBrick which ended up getting put on hold due to him having to leave the project.

Lantern Simulator Updated Map (September 2021)

In an attempt to bring back the development team for Lantern Simulator to finally finish it after nearly a year I got the old scripter “Devvy or DevTops” back in the team to finish it which never ended up happening since he later left to focus on school.

Pet Hatching Simulator 5 Halloween 2021 Event (October 2021)

The third and biggest event within Pet Hatching Simulator 5!

Current Potion Simulator (October 2021 - Now)

This is the current map of my active game Potion Simulator. This is my newest and latest project started back in December of 2020 where it took over 8 months to hire a new scripter (@ImDevSnow, amazing scripter I’d like to note) to eventually finish the game and work on it for around 3 months until he later quit on New Years where another amazing scripter (@P217) replaced him to continue updating it. Fun fact: Potion Simulator is my only solo simulator I’ve ever released desptite having worked on over 10 simulator in total through out the time span of 2 years!

Potion Simulator Halloween Event 2021 (October 2021)

The first ever seasonal event in Potion Simulator, feels like I worked on it yesterday, time really flies by fast. This event was developed really shortly after the Pet Hatching Simulator 5 one meaning we had a lot less time to release it meaning we had to make a smaller world, I think it turned out great regardless.

Potion Simulator Christmas Event 2021 (December 2021)

This was the event I’ve so far put the most time and effort into wanting to create and perfect the “north pole” feeling. I had a blast working on this event and was really proud on how it turned out!

New Year 2022 Countdown Hangout (December 2021)

Worked alongisde @levisurely to release an updated new years hangout as the previous one was outdated.

Hatching Heroes Map Revamp (January 2021)

Yet another collaboration with @DevVanish where we revamped my little brother’s Hatching Heroes simulator map!

Artwork by the talented @Loneskiis!

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or offers reach out to me via gloows#0001!


Hey I’m willing to hire you message me back if interested! We can have a serious discussion!

Hello! I’m interested, DM me on Discord at gloows#0001 :smiley:

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Done Envy#4327 we can talk on discord

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Looks like you have your DM’s turned off, I sent you a friend request. Very interested in your work.

I just took a look at R31 Sandbox. You (@megatushar100 really) have forgot to accommodate for our diverse range of skin tones. This stands as a testament to the lack of concern for the plurality of character personality on this platform. All it takes on your (or Mega’s) end is to translate this psuedocode to Lua and make it work:

define headColour as character's head's colour
for each part of neck
make part's colour equal to headColour


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The game is not finished yet obviously. and it is on our to do list.

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I accepted.

(30 chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar)

We haven’t completed the game and yes I’m fully aware that some things may not be perfect. We had that in our list and also I didn’t really need help, thanks anyway for pointing that out.


Not to worry; I just did that out of good wit.

Still open!

(30 chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar)

If you’re still interested, then DM me on discord - gloows#5680

Sent a friend request and dm! Your work is amazing!

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I have sent a friend request, interested in working with you, amazing work!

I’m still open, just DM me to get started!

Aaaaaand still open!