[CLOSED] Hiring 1 - 2 Scripters to join the team on our upcoming survival game!

Hiring At 2 Tap Studios!

About Us:

2 Tap Studios is a Dev Team currently working on a game called “Quarantined: Outbreak”, a big, new (free to play) competitor to Apocalypse Rising 2 and Rovive, based on classic survival games known as “H1Z1: Just Survive”, and “RUST”. On alpha release we will be free to play, and will have a high skill gap for combat, you can team up with your friends or make/join clans, and build/raid bases, which means full out 100 player wars on eachother!

(By the way, you may have seen us here before also.)

The Team:

@joshuasol - Lead Combat/Survival Designer
@piggy313 - Character/Survival Designer
Who you will be - Combat Designer
@akuma67 - UI Designer
@OutlookG - Humanoids and AI Designer
FutureRawr - Animator

What we’ve worked on at the moment:

Everything about our Tech Demo

Alot has been done since our previous post has been made, but we had released a tech demo for Quarantined on 5/27/19, which when released was extremely popular, which shows our official tweet about it reaching 15 - 30 players on instant launch.

(Pic Above is our tweet, which you can check out above)

But thanks to that launch, many people from the H1Z1: Battle Royale and Just Survive community have came out to us, and complimented us for exactly recreating the combat that H1Z1 had, including movement, character feel, and more. Even right now, sometimes there’ll be 2 - 5 people playing right now, because of how people love the feel of the game.

Also, We’ve worked on an inventory system and vehicle system that is a WIP still (that will be finished by alpha release)


(If you want to, here’s a comparison between H1Z1 And Quarantined.)

What We need:

At 2 Tap Studios we need 1 - 2 Scripters who will be working mainly on the Combat part of Quarantined, which means you need:

  • Knowledge on Raycast line Weapons, Projectile Weapons, and Fastcast (Raycast Projectile) Weapons.

  • First Person Viewmodel on Guns and Melee’s.

  • Knowledge on Melee’s.

  • Knowledge on Tool-less Weapons.

Keep in mind you will need to work with Survival Designer on implementing items or do more than 1 role sometimes.


If you decide to join 2 Tap Studios, we would pay about 150-500 USD/Robux Equivalent when the alpha of Quarantined launches on 8/24/19. After that, we’ll pay about 15-20% in robux every 2-3 weeks from the revenue generated from the game when the alpha releases.

Contact Us:

You can contact us on twitter, or discord.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuarantinedGame
My discord: joshualol#9006

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you enter!
Have any questions/comments about this or want to apply! Comment down below!


So far I’ve worked on the game since the Tech Demo launch we had, and It’s one of the best dev teams I’ve worked on. Before this I was working with another team on a robbery game.


I’m right now working with 4 teams at the same time and this is one of the few that I actually enjoy working with. I really recommend this position.


Thank you so much for the positive feedback! I’m glad you have enjoyed working with us!

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edit: fixed the part about the comparison and put it in a different post.

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i can to be a builder :innocent:

sorry, we already have 5 builders on the team.

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(note: we are still looking for 1 more scripter. if you can, @ me on discord, at joshualol#9006 if you want to be a survival designer.

Not a scripter, but has a map building role been filled?

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at the moment we’re in a weird situation where we need builders for our 20k x 20k stud map, and a programmer. If you can show your work, i’d appreciate it!

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