(Closed) Hiring 3D modeler - £80-150/model - 5hrs per week

About Us

Hey! I’m the lead developer of a game called Stepford County Railway, heading towards 16 million visits. We’re looking to expand our development team to increase our 3D modelling capability to ultimately improve game performance and reduce memory usage.

The Team
@SCRTeamOfficial - project manager, scenery, game design
@BanTech - lead developer, scripting, game design
tpx_jm - brand and graphics
@yrrebRBLX - scenery
thehazad9 - scenery
@OverheadWires - modelling

The majority of the team work on a hobby basis, spending limited spare time on the game. This has worked well, however the game is reaching greater popularity and we hope to push styling and performance updates through with reasonable pace, for which we require an additional team member who is able to create models on a consistent and regular schedule.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional 3D modeler to join our train development team. We expect high quality models that adhere to our new style. Good communication skills are appreciated; our project manager, brand designer and myself will all be in regular contact with you to inform the required level of detail as well as providing detailed information on interior layout which may be difficult to obtain from Google alone.

You don’t need to be an expert in trains, you just need to be a proficient modeler with vector mapping experience to apply the train liveries. We have a non-developer team of subject matter experts who we can call upon for additional guidance, information and diagrams as required. You will have direct access to this team to confirm geometry and details.

Here is our latest demonstration of the new train style we are aiming for:

Every train currently in our game needs recreating in the style above as a textured mesh. Some share similar geometry (as in the image above, Class 387 and 377).

We expect each train to take around 10-15 hours of work, but we understand you may have other commitments and are looking for around one train (or set for similar trains) every 2-4 weeks to help us convert the entire fleet within the next 1.5 years or so.

Additional images of the train style

Additional images including interior and cab images available upon request. The trains shown are not yet released in-game.

Ideally you will have experience of recreating detailed real life objects as a 3D model.

Update: Thank you for your interest but this opportunity is no longer available.


Hey, are you interested in some help with achieving realism? I offer some packages to help. Check out my portfolio and contact me if you are interested. :slight_smile:

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Hey i would like to apply please check my portfolio



I am aware that the position mentioned here is already taken but I will leave my portfolio here just in case you might need someone to work on scenery or cityscapes in future… via Veteran builder, modeler


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