[CLOSED] Hiring a fantasy clothing designer for commission

About the Game

I’ve been working solo for a few months on a game called Fantasia. You can see a little showcase here: link. Please read the showcase before you apply since it explains the game. So far, it has been a point of pride for me to create almost all the assets in the game. However, I simply do not have the time or expertise to try my hand at doing all the clothing designing :slight_smile: . I’m looking to hire somebody to create outfits on commission. I expect that I can handle making 3d hats and accessories, so that job will not be needed. My concern is the actual texturing of shirts and pants. Because this game is a large project, I expect we will be working together for a while and you will have a lot of opportunities to make commissions.


My initial offer is $6 dollars per outfit. This is a little bit low compared to high detail clothing commissions, but I believe its proportional to the amount of effort I really expect per outfit. My game has a low-poly, minimalistic style so the outfits do not require a great amount of shading and detail. However, if you feel this is not a fair offer, let me know so that we can negotiate. Finally, I would much rather pay you in USD rather than Robux because of the marketplace fee.


  • You must be at least 13 years old.
  • You must have a professional attitude.
  • You must have decent work ethic. Although there are not any deadlines yet, there will be in the future.

How to apply

The process has changed a little bit since I first posted. I am holding a little clothing design contest that will decide who gets the commission job. This is because I’ve been getting a lot of portfolios submitted that aren’t really fantasy-themed. The contest info is in the Fantasia RPG discord server, under #clothing-commission-info.

Example of style

Although I am pretty novice at texturing, I did create a few outfits for the game. The following is a decent example, I guess. But I’m sure you guys can do better stylistically. Just notice that the design is pretty simple but characteristic. The contest info is
Also one thing to keep in mind is that my game uses R6 character models, so the designs should be made with that in consideration.


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