[CLOSED] Hiring a Gamepass Arist [14 for 4,000R$]

The Job

I need a game pass designer/artist to create me 14 game passes for a simulator, they will share a simple cartoon-styled theme.

I will be paying 4,000 R$ for 14 game pass icons.
I am only looking for drawn icons in a cartoony style, not GFX.

If you’re interested please contact me on discord at:

Thanks for reading.


Hi! I could do it, but I do not do GFX if that is what you need. I don’t use dizzy, sorry. Message me here on the devforum.

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I can do that for you, I have discord. Add me, feereza#3496

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Unfortunately, I don’t check the forums much and it’s not that efficient for constant direct messaging. If you got discord I’d be happy to though.

PMED YOU ON DEVFORUMS! Please respond!

Hello! I’m interested, you can see my (outdated) portfolio here:

I’ve sent you a friend request! Discord: Azza #3032

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