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About me

Hi there! Im LuaBearyGood. Im a programmer, UI designer and game designer on Roblox. I have worked on many different projects including Lifting Titans, Blox royale and Submerged among others! I am constantly trying to improve my skills and make more innovative projects on the platform. If you wish to read more about me please check out my portfolio!

About the job

I am looking for an experienced animator to make me 4 very short animations to the following specifications:

  • An animation transitioning from idle to cross legged
  • An idle animation for looking around mildly while cross legged
  • An animation transitioning from cross legged to stretching to laying down
  • An animation with slight movement whilst laying down

Example of the ‘sitting’ animation:
Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 17.17.58
Example of laying down:
Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 17.39.20

The animation should be using standard R15 blocky rigs and should be sent as an rbxm file of a single animation object per animation outlined above.

Applicant must be willing to do all four animations.


You will be payed 1,000R$ for each of the first two animations, 2,000R$ for the third animation and 500 R$ for the fourth animation, totalling at: 4,500R$ for all four animations

Contact me

You can contact me by messaging me on the developer forum, or through one of my two social links below. I strongly recommend you contact me with a portfolio / various examples of relevant past work to improve your chances of getting a response.

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