(CLOSED) Hiring Builders for Tower Climbing game

Hey developers!

My name is Bloxxer and I’m the lead developer of the group Gold. We’re a game development group of about 13k members, and we’re currently working on our next game.

About The Job

At the moment, we are creating a Tower of Hell inspired tower climbing game, and we’re looking for Builders to help create the tower sections. There will be several different obstacle types available to build with. I have created an easy-to-use plugin for creating these obstacles and testing them in Studio. No scripting experience required! Obstacle types can be combined and the tower sections can also be whichever height works best for your parkour ideas.

Here’s an image of the plugin you’ll use to help you build:

Payment: :money_with_wings: :heavy_dollar_sign:

Payment is pretty straightforward. I will be paying 200R$ - 800R$ for each tower section built, depending on its quality. Builders that stick with the team and build a lot of tower sections may also get a nice Robux bonus payment for their work.

Builders will also get a special role in the group, along with a special Chat Tag/Chat Color in the game.

If you’d like to join the Building team, please post some of your work below, and also post your Discord ID so I can contact you.

Thanks, looking forward to working with you!
- Bloxxer


Hey, I think it will be interesting to try something new so I want to participate in making this game. I am a builder my discord is Dominoses#2583

Hello, I am interested in helping develop the game. My discord is 15x13#6731. I prefer if I could show you my work in your DMs.

Hi! I’m interested, my discord is arielicas#2020. I’m more comfortable showing my work in ur Discord DMs, hope that’s alright. :+1:

I’m down for it! My discord’s Piechos#1370.
Note: I’ve more made low-poly buildings and stuff in my previous work.
Sorry if not follows your expectations,

Find me in discord if you need me THE S̶L̶A̶Y̶E̶R#3268

heyo :slight_smile:
I’m interested in this, send me a fr over at langodan1#0511 and I’ll show you my work

hi there, I’m interested in this job, here’s my portfolio Edisondoggyfun Builder/Modeler Portfolio and my discord is EddieTheEgg#9961!

Hello i’m interested my discord is Mr. Dude#5131

Thanks for the replies everyone! I’ll be contacting you shortly. Any other interested builders are still free to reply, and I’ll contact you too.

Hey, super interested in this, drop me a message on discord if you need anymore help :smiley:

Discord : Dyfs#1762

Contact me on there then ill send you my work!

I’m interested! Contact me; SolarFlash12#6405

Hey there, I have tons of experience in the tower section building stuff as ive done them before. This is my portfolio, but I will send pictures of my sections in the dms.

Discord: Melz#1313

I would love to help this is a great idea i made sections in the Past Also i have lots of ideas if you need them! also my disc :palm_tree:Muppyツ#4142 (and i love toh games)

Hello! I am very interested in this job. Here is my Portfolio Builder/Modeler/UI designer for hire/iiSteph_yy's portfolio
My discord is Steph#2438

I am currently contacting everyone that I can. Thank you for the interest! :happy3:

I would be perfect for this!

I could provide 5+ new stages every day, and I’m willing to stay a part of the community!

Please contact me on Discord!


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I’m interested.

Building Portfolio - ImagineLeqtric - UI Designer and Builder Portfolio [For Hire] -

wins00#5855 i can build, model and do ui