(CLOSED) Hiring Builders for Tower Climbing game

I’m interested! Contact me; SolarFlash12#6405

Hey there, I have tons of experience in the tower section building stuff as ive done them before. This is my portfolio, but I will send pictures of my sections in the dms.

Discord: Melz#1313

I would love to help this is a great idea i made sections in the Past Also i have lots of ideas if you need them! also my disc :palm_tree:Muppyツ#4142 (and i love toh games)

Hello! I am very interested in this job. Here is my Portfolio Builder/Modeler/UI designer for hire/iiSteph_yy's portfolio
My discord is Steph#2438

I am currently contacting everyone that I can. Thank you for the interest! :happy3:

I would be perfect for this!

I could provide 5+ new stages every day, and I’m willing to stay a part of the community!

Please contact me on Discord!


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I’m interested.

Building Portfolio - ImagineLeqtric - Builder Portfolio [For Hire] -

wins00#5855 i can build, model and do ui

I’m interested. Please add me on discord, we may talk there.

Hey I am interested. Here is my Discord: emptybox#2603

Hi, I’m interested. My portfolio > [FOR HIRE] GoofyLorrd's Building Portfolio

I am interested, to take the builder position.


Looking forward to work you :smiley:

Hi I’m interested, here’s my portfolio :slight_smile: (my discord: arvis 1010#2469

I’m interested! [Portfolio] PokieDev (Builder)

Hello! I am interested in helping you. My Discord is Axo#9428. I prefer to show my work on DM’s.

Iam intrested Here is my Discord Tag Mates#7199
Il send u my portfolio when you add me

Hello if you could contact my friend who is a builder Kingerman89#0890 , he could provide some of his work in DMs

I would like to build in your game. I think games inspired by Tower Of Hell dont need much building skills,more like wondering about good gameplay section. But I always can show you my portfolio
Contact me in Discord - shertown#8169

Hello, I am a builder with 2 years of experience. I would like to make the stages. My discord is rene artois#7203. I also have a portfolio

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