(CLOSED) Hiring Builders/Modellers To work on our upcoming survival game!

Hiring At 2 Tap Studios!

About Us:

Hey there survivors! We are 2 Tap Studios, a small survival game development team, that you may have seen us before in a different thread, but we are working on a PvP survival game called Quarantined, a big, new (free to play) competitor to Apocalypse Rising 2 and Rovive, based on classic survival games known as “H1Z1: Just Survive”, and “RUST”. Quarantined will be free to play at launch and will have a high skill gap for combat. You will also be able to team up with friends or join clans, and build/raid bases!

What we’ve worked on at the moment:

A lot has been released since the last time we’ve made a single post here, but basically we’ve released a Tech Demo for the game which was revealed on 5/27/19, it was a great success with it going for 15 - 30 players for the first 1 - 2 days, and the H1Z1: Just Survive community gave us a lot of positive feedback, stating that the game felt (as they stated), “just like Just Survive”, and that the combat was very great.

(Tech Demo Link right here)

(Here’s a post we made on the success of the first day of the Tech Demo)

About The Job:

We Are currently looking for builders/modellers who will work on one/both of these roles below:

We will need 1 - 4 Builders who will be able to help work on a 20,000 x 20,000 stud map named “Badwater Valley”, and has to be finished in about 3 months, is based on this map from H1Z1, known as “Z1”.

And we will need 1 long term modeller who can model weapons, hats, helmets, and much more skinnable items for the game, will be paid in mainly percentage also after release.

If you want to work, keep in mind that we need to work well together, as a proper team usually would.


If you decide to join 2 Tap Studios, we would pay about 100-400 USD/Robux Equivalent when the alpha of Quarantined launches on 8/27/19. After that, we’ll pay about 15-20% in robux every 2-3 weeks from the revenue generated from the game when the alpha releases.

Contact Us:

You can contact us on twitter, or discord.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuarantinedGame
My discord: joshualol#9006

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you enter!
Have any questions/comments about this? Put them down below!

edit: when you want to be hired, simply either dm me on discord or just put your portfolio in the comments below.


Ah man I remember spending countless hours one summer on Just Survive with some friends, was awesome. The base-building in Z1 was extremely simple and I think it would look great mimicked on ROBLOX. Do you plan on keeping the building/crafting and vehicles similar?

I wish you guys the best! Will definitely stay posted and looking forward to the final product.

Sent you a friend request on Discord!

Yes, we shall. We are working with the Just Survive community in order to make this game basically a blocky replica of the game, as base building, vehicles, crafting, and what everyone enjoys most about JS will be in this game, as turns out the ForgeLight Engine actually runs on C++ and LUA (which is exactly the same thing that roblox runs on also, by the way), so replicating bugs in a similar engine will be easier too.

I’d like to apply! Check out my portfolio here. zk_Maxx | Building Portfolio

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