(CLOSED) Hiring Clothing Designers!

About Us

Hi there! I’m Avtixe! Founder of Royal Prince! We’re in need for about 2 casual & formal designers! We’re paying about 300 per outfit & in need for about 2 outfits per week!

The Team
@Avtixe - Founder
@Voxzt - Co-Founder
@Sanderrsss - Designer
@Volitives Designer
@lucifva - Designer
@ixarcher - Designer
@missmae15 - Designer
@aubrietah- Designer
@Yourname - Designer
@Yourname - Designer

You can see our progress so far here: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5597922/Royal-Prince

About The Job - Most Important

We’re looking for some top experienced designers who can make us 2 sets per week ranging from 6k+ payments per week! You must get the job done by every Thursday-Friday as we restock every Saturday along with new updates! You also have the FREEDOM to make anything which you like but it has to match our style. You have to show us a example of what you’re making before you do it so we know it’s not a copy.

Example of Our styles




Our game needs at least 2 new outfits completed by every week along with payment up-to 6k+ per week! We expect each outfits to be high quality!


As mentioned, we’re paying 300 per full body outfit.

Contact Us

You can contact me in discord: Zakaruko#2029
Don’t add me if you’re new and have no experience in high quality clothing’s
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
We’re looking for Streetwear, Oldschool, Normal Female/Male Casual & Aesthetic clothing designers!


I don’t have Discord. But if you ever need a designer in future or are in need of one, here is my portfolio for future reference!

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10+ outfits per week is alot, especially if you’re expecting high quality designs. For most high quality designers, 1 outfit takes 1 - 3 hours. Sometimes more if the person is extremely professional.

So, you’re asking designers to commit a minimum of 10 - 30 hours per week to your group. Yikes.

Normally I would comment on payment in comparison to time spent, but I actually think 300 per outfit is pretty good, so that’s not the problem here.

The problem is that, it isn’t summer anymore. People have schoolwork, extracurricular activities, etc. The average person can’t dedicate 10 - 30 hours of their week to one Roblox group.

I’ll also point out that, most groups don’t expect that much clothing per week. I’ve worked for tons of different groups and the most I’ve seen was 5 outfits per week. Aesthetic Vibe, according to a friend, only expects their designers to upload 2 outfits bi-weekly.

Besides not wanting to overwhelm designers, another reason groups put low weekly quotas is that they value quality over quantity. Good clothing takes time to make, as I’ve mentioned. With lower demand, designers don’t feel as overwhelmed and can put more time into each design, making it much higher quality. The reverse is also true: With higher demand, designers will start to feel overwhelmed and rush their designs, causing much poorer quality.

Sorry about the rant. I’m writing this because I was interested in this position until I read the “10 - 20 sets per week” part. I don’t expect anything I just said to change your mind, but let me know if you’re going to lower the activity expectations and then I might apply.


Hey! Tysm for the heads up! Kinda a new group owner at my clothing group. Just starting out a little. But thanks for telling me that! I’ve changed up the post a little bit! Hope that helps!

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We’re still open if anyone would like to join our team! :smiley:

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Hey! Just keeping the thread open! We’re still open! We’re looking for new designers 24/7 with an amazing weekly pay! Join us! :smiley:

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We’re still open! If anyone would like to apply for the position, friend me in discord!


Working with him has been great so far. Highly suggest joining the team!

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As a former group owner/admin myself, I just wanna give you some tips for these types of groups. You should hire like 5 salesmen and an administrative assistant (secretary), and pay them monthly. The salesmen will help a lot with sales, especially if you strategically place them in your store every restock day. They’ll show people around and guide them through clothes. The Admin Assistant will be your secretary and those are basically mandatory for any sort of serious business group.

I’d recommend paying those employees but only hiring a few of them. Other clothing stores don’t have that level of interaction and don’t usually have salesmen in the game, so it’d really make your group stand out. As well, I’d recommend hiring a Chief Financial Officer to manage the group’s budget and payouts, as well as a Chief Administrative Officer to manage the employees, instating a lead designer (so designers can collaboratively work and make better clothes), and hiring a Chief Marketing Officer (you want high quality ads and promotion, right?)

Hope this helps!

-Experienced group manager


Hey! We’re still hiring! Only 2 spots left! Join our team today! :smiley:


1 spot left! :eyes: Join our team today! We’re hiring 1 more designer! :smiley:
You can contact me in discord: Zakaruko#2029


Hey y’all, we still have 1 spot left until this post gets closed! DM me if you’re a clothing designer!

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Hi. I am interested in the work if you are interested contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

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Please do not lie. You are in one group which is the DevForum group and you are just a member of it.
I am guessing the only reason you said many of the things you said was to try and get hired yourself. Also its kind of obvious when you end with -Experienced group manager That you are lying because no big group managers do that.

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Hey @chwissybear! Thanks for telling me that! I’m new at my clothing group & just building up at the moment right now. 300 is all I can do as for right now, I told all of my designers, it’s all upto you to make any designs you guys can, they also have the freedom to make any number of outfits. As I said, I am new at clothing group so I don’t know the best yet. About the 6,000 per week, that is if the clothes turns out to be good quality and + 6,000 would require to make about 20 sets, which I now think is IMPOSSIBLE to make in just a week. I’ll change the post’s name & will also raise up the payment when I have a stable group. But anyhow, I did not realize that making clothes takes time, thanks for telling me! ::sweat_smile:


Wow, it’s almost as if I’m done with groups and was just trying to help a guy out. I literally displayed zero interest in “getting hired”, I just wanted to establish credibility.

And is my advice not good? Would someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing give that kind of suggestion? Would someone who’s lying about their past qualifications understand the intricacies of what they’re lying about?

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What I was trying to say was that there is not a single piece of evidence that you used to own some big groups.Besides someone does not need all the things you said they needed. Many of the biggest groups don’t have salesmen or secratarys. Although many do have financial officers. Also I have not heard of a single group which has salesmen who “show people around and guide them through clothes” because thats not a thing. When you go into a homestore no one shows you around.

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You know there are different types of groups, right? Like, not “Cafe vs Daycare”, I mean actually different types. Like RP groups, groups that are selling a product, or community groups for a game. In groups that sell products, there are different things you should set up to boost sales. Considering the fact that actual business groups (like a clothing group) would need to document a lot and do even more math, hiring someone to take care of your spreadsheets and keep them on track is a completely valid idea. In fact, it’s quite an amazing idea if you don’t want to do that yourself. Hiring salesmen to increase costumer engagement with your group, which is a golden opportunity to make your clothing group stand out from all the others and make returning customers, is a completely valid idea. Building a bond and level of trust with your customers by making their shopping experience more personal is a completely valid idea.

I am confident enough to say these ideas because I know they work. I know they work because I know how systems run. So please implore me as to why having salesmen is a waste of time when every single one helps to making another sale and a returning customer.


We’re officially CLOSED! Thanks for the users who contacted me! I’m looking forward to work with all of you guys! :heart:

In the while, to all those who sent me some suggestions in this post, I thank you for that! Please remember not to argue tho, take the argument on a private account. Thanks you! :smiley:

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We’re back & open! Hiring only 2 designers! Join our friendly community today if you wish to! Cannot wait to talk to whoever is interested in this position!! :heart: