[CLOSED] Hiring development team for an upcoming simulator

About us!

We are an upcoming development team! I have been taking commissions but I decided to make a game!

Lead programmer/Owner : KavasDev
Programmer : could be you
Builder : could be you
GUI designer : Pink_Snake8
GFX designer : could be you


We will pay in % however if the game fails we will give around 20-50k depends on the job
Builder : %15
Programmer : 15
GFX designer : %5 or payment per-GFX


Devforum : @KavasDev

Discord : KavasDev#2919

Note : We will be running ads around 100k so I don’t think the game will fail.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! :smile:


Hello! I’m interested in the "GFX Postion Please add me on Discord! Jay;#5522

I’m interested, Head to discord to accept my request :wink:

Check my portfolio for showcase: ArdominB | Talented GFX Artist For HIRE!
My discord : Ay-Men#7917
My twitter : https://twitter.com/AymenGaming9

I’m interested in the Programmer position.
Discord: Dev_Kittenz#2620

Sorry but builder and programmer job has ben taken

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15% for a programmer is really low, I’d say around 30 - 35%

If the builder and programmer job is already taken, then why not put on your post that they have been taken, so the people know.

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