[CLOSED] Hiring Full-Time Scripter for Roblox High School 2

UPDATE: I’ve gone through all of the applications, and the position has been filled now. Thank you to everyone who applied for the position! Again, apologies I couldn’t reach out to everyone, as there were lots of applications and I had to select someone within a short time window. I will post here in the future if there are any other openings in the future!

Hi there! :wave:
My name’s Brian, and I’m looking for another full-time scripter to join the Cinder Studio team and work on Roblox High School 2 with us, our popular social roleplaying game which has received 400M+ visits since launching in December 2018!


Over the past couple of months, we’ve been working on a major overhaul of the game called the Graduation Update - this will include a brand new map, updated minigames, new/updated features, and lots of other new content! This is the biggest and most exciting update we’ve ever planned, and we’re aiming to release it towards the end of summer.

We’ve already made a lot of progress on the update, but our previous new scripter had to leave due to external circumstances, so I’m looking for another committed scripter to work together with and get everything ready for this release. After we’ve released the Graduation Update, we’ll also be continuing with plenty of regular updates to the game in the future.

I plan on tackling most of the remaining UI programming work, as well as upgrading the game’s existing features and systems. Your main responsibility for this update will be developing additional content (such as tools, minigames, interactive items, etc.) In future updates, we’ll also be focusing on creating lots of awesome new game features.

The Team

  • Cindering (Lead Developer, Scripter)
  • MorphoPeleides (Map Builder)
  • ilyannna (Map Builder/3D Modeler)
  • theloudscream (UI Designer/Artist)
  • dayzeedog (Furniture Builder)
  • NWSpacek (Vehicles)

We’re a super chill and quirky bunch of people with a tight-knit team bond, and we love to hang out and have fun along the way! We’ll all be working very closely together to make something we’re truly proud of.

We’ve also got an amazing, highly diverse community of players around the game - the players are at the center of everything, so I’m looking for folks who truly care about crafting an experience that will put smiles on their faces :)

Important things to have:

  • Plenty of advanced experience scripting Roblox games
  • Detail-oriented mindset - it’s those extra touches that make the game shine
  • Must understand how to support PC/mobile/gamepad controls equally
  • Great understanding of client-server networking, and doing sanity checks to keep these communications secure
  • Ability to write scalable code that can be built upon in future updates
  • (Nice to have) Familiarity with UI development
  • Good communicator and a friendly team member
  • Fully committed to creating something awesome with us!

More Details:

THIS IS A FULL-TIME, LONG TERM POSITION. You are expected to work 30-40 hours a week and be fully committed to this game. You must not have commitments to other projects that would prevent you from working full-time on this game.

How you organize your hours is up to you - you can create your own schedule that works best for you and allows you to do your best work, as long as everything gets done on time and at a consistent pace.

As said before, our main focus right now is the Graduation Update, and after that, we will continue working on regular updates to the game over the many months to come.

Right now since there is a lot of legacy content to be updated, we are working in Team Create to get this all done as quickly as possible. After the update is released, I’m interested in converting to Rojo to make future updates easier to develop.

You will be paid 2,000,000 Robux (equivalent to $7,000 USD/month or $84,000 USD annually) via group funds after the end of each month.

How to Apply:

You must be 18 years or older to apply. You’ll be given a contract to sign if you’re accepted.

If you’re interested, you can apply via Devforum DM (@Cindering). You can also contact me on Twitter (@CinderingRB).

Please note that since there are a lot of applications, I won’t be able to reply to everyone. In the coming days I’ll look through all the applications and reach out to those who I’m most interested in, so make sure yours stands out! Looking forward to hearing from ya. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you!


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