Roblox High School 2: Graduation - Coming Summer 2021!

After lots of anticipation, I’m very excited to announce Roblox High School 2’s biggest update ever…

ROBLOX HIGH SCHOOL 2: GRADUATION is coming in Summer of 2021! 🎉

The Graduation Update will be a complete overhaul of Roblox High School 2, featuring a brand new map, a new and improved Avatar Editor, huge updates to the House Editor, updated minigames, plus fan-favorite features returning from the original Roblox High School, among many other new things!

Here’s a quick look at some of the new things that will be coming with this update…

🌎 New Map

The whole game will be getting a brand new HD look! Everything’s gonna look better than ever, and there will be brand new areas for you to explore! Look forward to seeing sneak peeks of the new map very soon :eyes:

👚 New Avatar Editor

We’re working on a brand new Avatar Editor which will give you tons of new customization options so you can look however you want! Not only will it be updated with all of the latest and greatest items, but we’ll be adding special, custom-made items for you to get as well!

🏠 New House Editor

Decorating your dream house will be easier than ever with the brand new House Editor! We’re gonna be updating the House Editor with all kinds of new features and quality-of-life updates based on your feedback! Tons of brand new furniture items are also on the way!

🎮 Updated Minigames

All of the existing minigames will be getting updated, and over time we will be adding even more classes and more jobs for you to enjoy with your friends!

🏫 Returning Features from RHS1

For those who are fond of the original Roblox High School, we will be bringing some popular features from the original game back into RHS2, and updating them to be even better than before! Look forward to hearing more about these returning features later on!

🎓 Graduate!

Yes, our top students will be given the opportunity to graduate!
What exactly does this mean, and what rewards will await our graduate students? …You’ll have to wait and find out!

🎉 ...And more!

On top of all that, there’s a ton of other new stuff coming with this update that will be announced later on!

When can I play it?!

We plan to start accepting beta testers for the Graduation Update starting in Spring 2021 sometime in Summer 2021. Right now we’re working hard to get everything ready for you all. If you want to help test it out when it’s ready, make sure you’re following us on Twitter or have joined our Community Server, so you can be notified when testing is starting!

The full, public release of the Graduation Update is planned later in Summer 2021! Stay tuned for a more exact release date later on.

Follow Us!

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Go give it a follow, as we’re gonna be posting lots of sneak peeks and more details about what’s coming in the Graduation Update!

Also join our official Community Server to hang out with other RHS2 fans, share your feedback, and get notified about all the new stuff that’s coming!

2021 is gonna be a very exciting year for RHS2! We’re looking forward to sharing all our hard work with you all! :heart:

~ Cindering & the Cinder Studio team