[Closed] Hiring map builders for Car Crushers 2

About The Position

Hi there! As seen in the title I am currently hiring builders for various map related build tasks for Car Crushers 2. Some example of things you’d do in this position could be:

  • 500x500-800x800 maps designed for demolishion derby
  • Additions such as dirt race tracks, bridges and similar to current maps
  • Vehicle crushers (Big metal structures that you can see more about further down)
  • Stand-alone models such as various buildings and landmarks (later down the line)

I am searching for 2-3 builders, so if there’s something specific of the above that you would be more interested in it could be settled so that you mainly do that. There is also the possibility of building a few weapon models such as rocket launchers later down the line, so if you have experience with that then make sure to let me know in your portfolio! But it’s not at all a requirement for this position.

The Building Style

Car Crushers 2 uses a realistic medium-detailed building style. Colors and materials should match a realistic environment with a geometry that looks built in roblox studio.

Here are some examples of current maps and builds in the game:

Main map


Derby Maps


Payment is sent after each finished commission via group funds. This is what the general payment levels are at:

  • Standard payment for a derby map is 100,000R$
  • An addition to the map such as a dirt race track would lie at around 50,000R$
  • Big map expansions would be in the range of 250,000R$
  • 5 Crushers would be at minimum 40,000R$ (Gets higher if less of the pre-made assets can be used)

There are many maps, crushers and additions planned to be added over the next 6 months so there will be a pretty big earning potential. If you don’t take robux payments it can also be arranged so that the robux equivalents are sent through PayPal, but group funds is my preferred payment method.


You can PM me on the DevForums or add me on discord Panwellz#5923 if you’re interested. Make sure to provide a portfolio of earlier builds!


Seems like a great opportunity, too bad I’m gone on vacation.


I’d certainly be interested in taking this job, but unfortunately I am developing my own demolition derby-themed game. That would be helping my competition. (;

Anyways, this seems like an amazing opportunity, so congrats to whoever gets it.

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I would like to create it, but I do not have builds to show for proof but I am a ok builder. I could try to impress you.

Also I got idea where to start exactly! I am gonna build a bridge that will lead to a tunnel, big idea!!! And if you do hire me, I appreciate it! :smiley:

I would like to be there but I do not have so much experience in that field of developer

I would love to be part of the team! Discord: TheAposol#5823

Fourpapa1#4350, here’s my portfolio: Fourpapa1 - Builder Portfolio

Happyman321#4275, Very interested! Here is a site portfolio containing previous builds: https://crispybrix.wixsite.com/portfolio

I can build and 3d model. I sent you a friend request on discord AaronJ#9991

Hello, i have sent a friend request on Discord- ( itzLegha#0887 )

Sinister#0462 is my discord I sent I hope you can hire me.

If you haven’t found anyone yet, you can always add me on Discord.

My username is BarryYee#4776 and although I don’t have the most illustrious of portfolios, I would definitely love to contribute to a game of this stature! Personally I believe that I’m at a good enough standard to work on Car Crushers 2.

(Will add that I don’t use Blender or 3D Modelling Software)

I’m considering building some more maps etc. (I am already a Contributor for Car Crushers 2, I have scripted the administrator panel and built the latest derby map, named “Bowl Arena”.)

Edit: I like how the link has the old name from when mobile support was a new thing :laughing:

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