[CLOSED] Hiring QA Testers

About Us

Hiya! We’re Nightmare Studios, a game dev group that has been around for 5 years. I’m Wrathsong, the lead developer, and you can check out my track record as well as some titles we’ve produced below on my portfolio: Wrathsong | Scripter, Game Designer, UI Designer

About The Job

We’re currently working on redesigning and reimagining our old game Octopus from the ground up! Here’s a gameplay video if you’d like to see the game in action.

We’re looking for quality assurance testers to give feedback on content we’re developing as well as participate in occasional playtests, which will become more frequent as we get closer to a public beta stage in the future.

That’s pretty much the job - participate in (usually group) discussions to give feedback on designs and ideas from the perspective of a player (making your voice heard and contributing to the development of this game) as well as play the game to test them out!


I’ll pay R$350 for signing on with us. In the future, bonuses for finding major bugs will be available.

Contact Us

Discord - Wrathsong#5087
Twitter - WrathsongHS
Or right here on Devforum DMs!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Sure, I added you ECHOSTATIC#4475
I also have Very high experience with testing and microprofile!


I left home immediately after posting this - will get back to all messages this evening! :smiley:

Additionally, when contacting me, tell me a bit about yourself! :relaxed: Include your experience as a dev, what other kinds of work you do, anything you want me to know!

Thanks a million!

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Hi, I would love to be a tester!
Discord: DareDaniel0#7616

I am adding you at HendricoMaximus

Hi, I would love to be a tester but however, I do not have discord. Is that okay?

I can help! Netto#0001 I will add you now

Hey, I added you. My discord is Montcalms#0301.

Hmmm, Looks interesting I can help !? well, i’ve added you here is my tag and name : Iron#3141

Added and sent some info about myself:) (IVTROY#0765)

Hey i would love to be a tester and i’m available all day! I sent you a friend request: Polaris#8465

Ay, I am interested in working with you and your team, do I need discord? @Wrathsong

i am interested ill contact you on discord, i am GodzGalaxyyRBLX#9032

Very interested in being a tester… game looks epic :smiley: (xKorl#8700)

Hi! I would love to be a tester! I’ll try as hard as possible to find bugs to fix. Please respond if you would like to recruit me.

If this opens contact me on discord!
Discord: DareDaniel0#7616

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