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About Me

Hi there. I’m Austin, or Wrathsong. I’ve been on Roblox since 2011 and I’ve been developing since early 2015 - I have a long history of both leading and creating here on Roblox. I specialize in scripting, game design, and UI design. I’m the lead developer for Nightmare Studios. I was a 2019 Roblox Fall Accelerator. I am a 2020 Roblox Spring Accelerator. I’m here to create unique experiences on my favorite platform.


Well, here are some of my proudest works (that saw the light of day at least):

  • Mountaineer, an infinite skill based game
  • Octopus, a 3+ player multiplayer game where players work together to avoid a giant octopus.
  • 1010, an infinite brain teaser/puzzle game
  • Mega Fun Obby & Mega Fun Obby 2, a couple of really really big obstacles courses. I’m a long-time contributor of programming, UI, and general game design work
  • Sweet Tooth, a turn-based board game based off of the kids’ board game Candyland
  • Nomrial Legends, aka Lords of Nomrial, an expansive fantasy RPG. I programmed the majority of the 2019 rework of the game
  • Calmfall, an infinite physics and skill based game
  • Cloudbound, an infinite runner that tests your muscle memory and reflexes
  • Outlaws, a story game where your train derails and crashes in a ghost town; players must survive several days until another train arrives
  • Connect 4, my Roblox rendition of the classic board game

Some footage of some of my games for those who requested it:

Honorable mentions:

  • Hands of Death, a nostalgic RPG paying tribute to the old classics here on Roblox. My first commercial release under Nightmare Studios. Closed because I made it long before FilteringEnabled and it would be too much time to spend fixing it. However, you can still check out the old test server.
  • Battlemage, an unfinished first-person spellcaster RPG. You can also still visit the old test server for Battlemage.
  • Sacrifice, a puzzle game with a few levels that I made in a weekend for fun
  • Bio Boggler, um…pretty much a biology quiz I made for a grade back in high school lol

I run a community of Roblox scripters, Scripters
I have a long history of posting scripting tutorials and Roblox Dev related content on my YouTube channel


I stay pretty busy, but if I want to work with you, I will make time for you. Whether I am interested in joining your project depends on a few variables:

  • Whether I’m already occupied with other work; I may not be able to start working with you right away
  • Compensation - I have standards for compensation; I’m most likely not interested in investing a significant amount of time into a small-time gig
  • Interest - Feel free to shoot your shot but I generally don’t work on things that I don’t find interesting or ethical

Although I am selective of what I spend my time working on, I love discussing new business prospects with other developers. Don’t be afraid to hit me up :slightly_smiling_face:


Accepted payment methods:

  • Robux - If you are paying from your account balance instead of group funds, then you must cover the marketplace fee
  • USD via PayPal
  • In certain situations such as long term work, a varying hourly rate may be worked out instead - no less than 15 USD/R$4300 per hour

I don’t generally work for free with the promise of a percentage of revenue later, but maybe you can convince me otherwise.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or :

Feel free to hit me up with any inquiries regarding business, my portfolio, or…anything else. Love talking with other Roblox devs. Thanks for reading! :call_me_hand:


Hello, @Wrathsong. I’m interested in finding a developer, but I’m on mobile. Could you provide some screenshots perhaps?

I highly suggest working with wrathsong, he is an excellent programmer, and a nice/generous person!

I approve.
Blue man has the lego scripting experience.


Hey friend, my games are mobile compatible :wink: haha yup, I did you one better and added some popular YouTube footage of some of my games in a dropdown under Showcase. Too much content to provide multiple screenshots for every game

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Alrighty! Nice! I’ll check it out!

EDIT: You look like quite a good programmer! I might need you soon, so I might contact you shortly :smiley:

I highly suggest people work with Wrathsong, I’ve had the privilege of working with him and being mentored by him throughout the years. He is a hard worker, and a very friendly person.

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Updated my showcase with a link to my new game, Cloudbound

I’m interested in commissioning you, I sent you a friend request on discord.

I’ve worked with Wrathsong personally and he’s a wonderful person to do anything with. Can’t recommend him enough.

I’ll like to work with Wrathsong one day. i never asked him if I could ever hire him, If I do I may pay around 1k :robux: :

Updated my portfolio with a link to my newest game, Connect 4 :smile:

From March 1st to May 22nd I will be participating in the Roblox Accelerator program. I will only be available for small commissions (i.e. scripting singular systems or tasks) during this time. If you are looking to discuss longer term work (i.e. scripting an entire game) feel free to contact me in June :slightly_smiling_face: