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About Me

Hi there. I’m Austin, or Wrathsong. I’ve been on Roblox since 2011 and I’ve been developing since early 2015 - I have a long history of both leading and creating here on Roblox. I specialize in scripting, game design, and UI design. I’m the lead developer for Nightmare Studios. I was a 2019 Roblox Fall Accelerator. I am a 2020 Roblox Spring Accelerator. I’m here to create unique experiences on my favorite platform.


Well, here are some of my proudest works (that saw the light of day at least):

  • Mountaineer, an infinite skill based game
  • Octopus, a 3+ player multiplayer game where players work together to avoid a giant octopus.
  • 1010, an infinite brain teaser/puzzle game
  • Mega Fun Obby & Mega Fun Obby 2, a couple of really really big obstacles courses. I’m a long-time contributor of programming, UI, and general game design work
  • Sweet Tooth, a turn-based board game based off of the kids’ board game Candyland
  • Nomrial Legends, aka Lords of Nomrial, an expansive fantasy RPG. I programmed the majority of the 2019 rework of the game
  • Calmfall, an infinite physics and skill based game
  • Cloudbound, an infinite runner that tests your muscle memory and reflexes
  • Outlaws, a story game where your train derails and crashes in a ghost town; players must survive several days until another train arrives

Some footage of some of my games for those who requested it:

Honorable mentions:

  • Hands of Death, a nostalgic RPG paying tribute to the old classics here on Roblox. My first commercial release under Nightmare Studios. Closed because I made it long before FilteringEnabled and it would be too much time to spend fixing it. However, you can still check out the old test server.
  • Battlemage, an unfinished first-person spellcaster RPG. You can also still visit the old test server for Battlemage.
  • Sacrifice, a puzzle game with a few levels that I made in a weekend for fun
  • Bio Boggler, um…pretty much a biology quiz I made for a grade back in high school lol

I run a community of Roblox scripters, Scripters
I have a long history of posting scripting tutorials and Roblox Dev related content on my YouTube channel


My hours aren’t restricted right now - If you persuade me to work with you, I will make time for you. Whether I am interested in joining your project depends on a few variables:

  • Whether I’m already occupied with other work; I may not be able to start working with you right away
  • Compensation - I have standards for compensation; I’m most likely not interested in investing a significant amount of time into a small-time gig
  • Interest - Feel free to shoot your shot but I generally don’t work on things that I don’t find interesting or ethical

Although I am selective of what I spend my time working on, I love discussing new business prospects with other developers. That said, don’t be afraid to hit me up :slightly_smiling_face:


Accepted payment methods:

  • Robux - If you are paying from your account balance instead of group funds, then you must cover the marketplace fee
  • USD via PayPal
  • In certain situations such as long term work, a varying hourly rate may be worked out instead - no less than 15 USD/R$4300 per hour

I don’t generally work for free with the promise of a percentage of revenue later, but maybe you can convince me otherwise.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or :

Feel free to hit me up with any inquiries regarding business, my portfolio, or…anything else. Love talking with other Roblox devs. Thanks for reading! :call_me_hand:


Hello, @Wrathsong. I’m interested in finding a developer, but I’m on mobile. Could you provide some screenshots perhaps?

I highly suggest working with wrathsong, he is an excellent programmer, and a nice/generous person!

I approve.
Blue man has the lego scripting experience.

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Hey friend, my games are mobile compatible :wink: haha yup, I did you one better and added some popular YouTube footage of some of my games in a dropdown under Showcase. Too much content to provide multiple screenshots for every game

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Alrighty! Nice! I’ll check it out!

EDIT: You look like quite a good programmer! I might need you soon, so I might contact you shortly :smiley:

I highly suggest people work with Wrathsong, I’ve had the privilege of working with him and being mentored by him throughout the years. He is a hard worker, and a very friendly person.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Updated my showcase with a link to my new game, Cloudbound

I’m interested in commissioning you, I sent you a friend request on discord.

I’ve worked with Wrathsong personally and he’s a wonderful person to do anything with. Can’t recommend him enough.

I’ll like to work with Wrathsong one day. i never asked him if I could ever hire him, If I do I may pay around 1k :robux: :