[CLOSED] Hiring Scripters, Clothing Designers and many more!


Who we are:

We are a development team of the Dominion of Canada. The group is based around the 1920s, its development started 09/10, with many ideas to make interesting and engaging games for the community.

The Team

@HiddenUlysses - Senior Engineer
OPEN - Builder
OPEN - Builder
OPEN - Builder
@VintageWarm - 3d Modeller
@varjoy - Scripter
OPEN - Scripting
OPEN - Scripting
OPEN - UI Designer
@Adiirex - GFX Designer
mauriciomch#4781 - Clothing Designer
OPEN - Clothing Designer (MAYBE)

Building - About The Job

There is a lot of things for the builders, ranging from working in our capital city of Ottawa to working at the armed forces training academy.

Car making - About The Job

Basically you’ll work in creating cars for the police, armed forces and civillians, all according to 1920s/30s style.

Scripting - About The Job

Scripting will be creating a whole new level for the game, like a fire system, in-game economy, public arrest database, bank & stores robbery, and many other things!

UI - About The Job

In terms of UI Designing, you’ll work in conjunction with the scripters in a compact UI and a leaderboard.

Clothing - About The Job

In terms of clothing we will need someone to re-work at new clothing for police, armed forces and goverment.


For all the jobs, you will be paid after completing a given task by a senior engineer or the group owner

Contact Us

You can contact us on our discord: Discord

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I do not have Discord, I am available through contact here on the forums. Send me a PM

Portfolio: MissMae15 | Clothing Designer

I’m interested. Here are my portfolios (I do ads and clothing):

Clothing: [CLOSED] ixArcher | Clothing Designer
Ads: ixArcher | Experienced Ad designer

If possible could you join our discord server so it’s easier for all parties to communicate each other with ease and faster speed?

Hey there! I would like to be a builder here’s my portfolio

Could you join our discord server to be easier for us to communicate with each other?

Add me User id#1086
Also am i hired?

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