[OPEN] Clothing Designer for Hire!

about me
My user is ixArcher, and I design clothes and Ads! I have 5+ months experience in clothing, and 2+ months in ad designing! I do all as a hobby, and I’m pretty enthusiastic about it! Here I’ll just be expressing my clothing, though. If you do decide you’d like to hire me, here are some rules I ask you to follow:

  • If you upload the clothing for me, give me credit in the description of the item
  • I do not accept all requests
  • I expect payment before I give you the template/upload it for you
  • Respect my time, I cannot upload an impossible amount of clothing in one day.

Cool! If you’ve made it past the rules, here are the payments I usually take for my clothing (they can be discussed further if you’d like, paypal is preferred) :

  • Shirts: 80 R$ (1 usd)
  • Pants: 85 R$ (1 usd)
  • T-Shirts: 7 R$ (.5 usd)
  • Outfits: 105-120 R$ (1-2 usd)

Commissions are usually a bit more than that, but they take more time, too! If you pay me via a shirt, you will have to pay the extra amount that roblox takes, sorry!



showcase 1
showcase 2
showcase 3

Feel free to send me a message on discord whenever!

  • I live in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • I will be available on weekends and after 4 PM.
  • I will most likely upload a minimum of 3 clothing a week.
  • I will send progress reports daily

will not make
Sadly I won’t agree to making any of the following clothing, either I don’t have experience in that field, or I don’t feel comfortable making them:

  • Military Wear
  • Fantasy Wear (such as wizards, zombies, etc.)
  • Remakes of other outfits (unless given permission from the creator)
  • Clothing with logos (such as Nike, Champion, etc.)
  • Clothing against the Roblox TOS

I hope you take into consideration my work, and I hope to work for you soon! You can contact me through discord at 𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚎🔪#5638


Do you have any past work we can look at?

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Do you take percentages of group sales?

No, sorry! I usually only take a set payment.

Hi i reached out to you but you never replied back

I’m sorry! What’s your discord?

My discord is jakee#0004we we’re talking nit too long ago