[CLOSED] Hiring someone to make a hoverboard chassis


About me

Hi there! Im LuaBearyGood. Im a programmer, UI designer and game designer on Roblox. I have worked on many different projects including Lifting Titans, Blox royale and Submerged among others! I am constantly trying to improve my skills and make more innovative projects on the platform. If you wish to read more about me please check out my portfolio!

About the job

I am looking for someone to make a flawless hoverboard chassis system that can response well to a dynamic environment consisting of both parts and terrain.

Basic info:

  • The hoverboard should NOT be physics based. It should run entirely on position / CFrame updates.
  • The hoverboard will consist of one mesh / part, you can safely assume it will not be a model.
  • The hoverboard should be able to response to changes in altitude such as slopes.
  • The hoverboard must feel responsive, turn nicely, accelerate / decelerate and be supported by both PC and mobile.
  • The hoverboard math should be designed to run on client and should have minimal network usage, id imagine finding some way to abuse Roblox’s built in replicate would be ideal (perhaps moving the player with the board on the client and then on the server attaching the board to the player.)
  • The hoverboard should be as efficient as possible, in my tests I was able to use on three raycasts per heartbeat, however I likely could of used two. Optimisation and micro optimisation must be taken into account throughout the design of the chassis.

If you wish to humour yourself with my failed attempt at this system feel free to check out this place:


I will be paying 300,000 - 500,000 R$ before tax upon the completion of the project. This shall be payed via gamepass / shirt. Before payment I should be able to experience the hoverboard within a demo game to experience the system and make sure it reaches all the requirements.

Contact me

You can contact me by messaging me on the developer forum, or through one of my two social links below. I strongly recommend you contact me with a portfolio / various examples of relevant past work to improve your chances of getting a response.

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