[CLOSED!] IceyDevv's Portfolio - Builder/3D Modeler

Hey, there! It’s IceyDevv! All the more so known as Icey. I’m a 3D Modeler, Builder, Concept Artist & Visual Effects Artist. I represent considerable authority in modeling/building top-level maps, and assets. - I’m also a contributor to a few notable games such as Mining Legends, Dream Island, Candy Clicking Simulator, and much more!

Below are just some screenshots of my work. Most of my up-to-date work can be found on Twitter though so the link will be posted below.

Find more work here!

2020 Game Jam!


Personal Work/Commissions







Mining Legends

Map Collaboration



I’m available all week, every day for only 8 hours due to school. (8-12 hours on weekdays) This shouldn’t really affect my schedule though!


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset/map. My preferred payment method is group funds. Please note I also do accept percentage, but it may vary, depending on the commission.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forums or via Discord at - IceyDevvv#9527
Do keep in mind, you’re also able to contact me via Twitter, @IceyDevvv

I hope you found my models/builds quite interesting and compelling. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hello would you be willing to take a %? There would be a backup payment.

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Depends. Add my discord IceyDevv#9036 - We’ll talk from there.

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Post updated! I’ve added some more screenshots of my work.

Added you on discord, look forward to working with you… 12904#1757

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Is this really your work?

Yes it is. That’s just one of my programmers.

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The post has been updated! More work has been added.

Awesome builds! I’m interested. I sent you a friend request on discord. StickyBloxyCola#7963


My commissions are now updated. (Added more screenshots to my portfolio.)


I’d suggest working with “IceyDevv” as he’s quite experienced and fast at what he does! I’ve worked with him for some time now, and could say that he’s great to be around! He could deliver some very high quality builds to you. If you’re looking for a builder that’s fast and reliable, then “IceyDevv” should be your go-to!

Anyhow, he’ll make sure to deliver what you need in no time! His prices are almost always negotiable, and you shouldn’t have much of a problem working with him as his attitude and commitment would match what you’d need!

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Amazing work! I’d recommend hiring him!

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Wow, amazing work man! :hushed: This is SICK, 100% would hire.


If you’re looking for a builder, I would look no further than Icey. His amazing creations coupled with his more than respectable pricing is toped off by his great attitude and communication. If your looking for someone who exceeds in all qualifications as a builder, while providing the best possible service, Ice is your man. :+1:

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Icey, one of the best builders, I’ve known personally. He’s very ambitious, awesome personality, and I’d say the fastest builders I’ve seen work. He devotes his time to his builds and it comes out with as best of the best quality. If you’re ever needing a builder/3d modeler, Icey’s the one to go to! :smiley:


Amazing work! Fast builder and should recommend him

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That chest model
Is the same in murder mystery projects
Assuming you use free models

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Chest is Roblox Mesh and its free to use, and you can see that chest in every game!


These are INCREDIBLE. Please contact me at aki#6118, i’m willing to pay 2k for some assets.