(closed) Ideas on what to build

Hello everyone,
I need some ideas on what I should build and or script
I can’t think of ideas on what to build/script
I can’t think of any solutions

ps Let me know if this is in the wrong category/if so what category should this be in?



Go find someone that needs help or the recruitment section.
I usually spend my time there if I am bored. I guess the recruitment section is better because you actually earn off of it.

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Here’s what I would say:

  • Make a new game. Think of games you like on rob lox and try to create a new or modified version. This is all I can suggest for your question on what you should build.

Any ideas on stuff like what you see in cities?

A mall, apartment block, school, shops, restaurants, parks, galleries etc.

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Thanks for the good ideas


No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

I know it’s closed and all. This really depends on what you enjoy the most or interested in this question get’s brought up very frequently:

Some useful ideas would be making a simple house, cruise ship, medieval town with props around the area which could be used by the players to work or play around. Some things such as creating a small abandoned terrain or a sort of map and place litter and different objects worn down buildings around to have that abandoned feel to it.

I’ll start simple try making things like a vegetation showcase implemented with trees and rivers things like that, medieval house, small village, sci-fi map or equipment, vehicles, so and so forth, however there are some existing threads that you could take a look at and see whatever suits your liking maybe you have a few ideas you have in mind: