[CLOSED] In Need Of Team For In Development Game [Builders, UI Designer and Logo Designer]

About Me

Hello there, I am WetSpagheteronios, and I have been developing on Roblox coming round for a year now. I love developing as it lets me express my creativity and ideas and just have a good time doing something I really enjoy.

About The Game

Of course, I’ll have to tell you about the game, seeing as you’ll not want to be developing a game that would not be in your interests. My game is called ‘Noobiverse’. This game revolves around building your noob empire in a tycoon fashion. Now wait, before you get driven away by the fact that it’s a tycoon, I’ve decided to expand on the game, as to some people, tycoons are boring and repetitive and need patience. Other features in this game include completing quests for in-game currency, which can then be used to buy pets, weapons, upgrades, and more! Also being added to the game are unique planets where you can go to explore, find cool items, and complete tasks. To sum this game up, it is a mix of a tycoon, simulator, and an adventure game.

The Team
@WetSpagheteronios - Lead Developer
@TBC - Map Builder
@TBC - Map Builder
@TBC - UI Designer
@TBC - Logo Designer

About The Job


Firstly, I am looking for two experienced builders to design the main map as their first task, in the style of Deathrun (in terms of terrain). The style and design will be a basic grasslands/plains biome. This map will need to fit 16 tycoon plots, and also space for some hidden ruins, shops, a technological bunker, and offroads that lead to obbies. Later on in development, we will need new planets, each inhabiting its own shop in the style of the surroundings of the planet. That is all for now in terms of building.

GUI Designer

Next, I am looking for a UI designer that is capable of providing fitting UI for the game. The UI will be quite modern looking but has quite a cartoony look as well. We will also need them to be able to design great looking gamepasses, dev products, and also some icons for two currencies (NoobBucks and Nooblets).

The style of UI we are looking for

Logo Designer

Finally, I’m looking for a logo designer that can create a cartoony, astonishing logo for our game. There’s not much to explain as the design I want is literally everywhere on the front page.

The style we are going for

All images are used to reference the logo style, not the GFX


  • Must be 13 years or older
  • Must be active regularly
  • Must have a sense of humor
  • Must be fun to work with, and be friendly
  • Must have dedication and enthusiasm towards the development of the game
  • Must be in for the long run


I am going to be paying in percentages (I apologize) that the game produces:

  • Builders = 20% (Each)
  • UI Designer = 15%
  • Logo Designer = 5%

Contact Us

To get in contact with me via Discord @Mestrix#2457, but I would also appreciate you commenting on this post with your tag and username, so I know who I am replying to.

Thank you for reading this far, if you wouldn’t mind, I would love for you to fill out these polls, thank you so much!

Would you consider playing Noobiverse? (If so, would you pay early access?)

  • Yes, this game sounds interesting, and I would give it a go.
  • No, this game sounds quite boring and generic, and I would not try it out.
  • Yes, I would pay a cheap fee for early access to the game for testing (you will receive limited items in-game).

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Thanks for reading, and I hope you apply! :slight_smile:


Here is my portfolio: [CLOSED!] My builder/modeler portfolio

One question. You pay after game earn some Robux, but if game not popular and i made a job for you how you pay me?


Hello, I would like to apply for the Logo Designer Role. I can also make gamepasses and badge icons. My portfolio is underneath:

And I have some questions: will there be a backup payment if the game is not successful, or it shuts down? There are some things to consider when creating a recruitment notice. I look forward to working with you! :happy3:

Hello there,
Yes, by the time the game will be ready for release, I will have some sort of backup payment, as I know that not every game goes somewhere.

I would like to apply for the builder role, will it be in robux or usd?

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