[CLOSED] Lollganz | UI Designer (Portfolio)

About Me

Hey! I’m Lollganz, a 16 year old UI Designer that’s been doing UI designs since February 2019!
I joined Roblox in 2013 and played casually on/off until the end of 2017 when I started Clothing Designing. Although I don’t do Clothing Designing anymore, I had somewhat of a successful run, amassing over 70k sales (and still climbing) with my clothing featured in both Roblox High School 2 and Royale High.
DISCLAIMER: Regarding my UIs, I cannot script them/put them into Roblox Studio, I ONLY design them.

For reference:
Open: I am open to UI commissions, feel free to contact me if you’re interested in commissioning me!
Full: I am full on commissions. Commission requests will be ignored (sorry!).
Closed: I am not taking in ANY commissions at this time. Commission requests will be ignored.

I update this thread/portfolio frequently depending on my status, keep an eye out! :slight_smile:

Showcase (Top works on the list are my most recent).

Commission Work
UIs for Swords of Faith (16/07/19)

Commission for Allen (20/05/19)

Commission for KennyV2 (12/04/19)

Commission for VitalWinter (04/04/19)

Commission for Kaitsaurus (29/03/19)

Commission for wachJosh (24/03/19)

Commission for D3VRO (28/02/19)

Personal Work
Lollganz' Homestore V2 UIs

NOTES: All clients receive their commission completely un-watermarked in the end. These are only watermarked to prevent stealing!
I can also deliver UI with and/or without text!


Due to being very busy with schoolwork and after-school commitments, I am not available for very long during the weekdays, although in the weekends I’m available for the majority of Saturday & Sunday.
Monday-Friday: 3-4 hours (averaging to around 36-48 minutes per day from Mon-Fri).
Saturday & Sunday: 5PM EST - 3AM EST / 2PM PST - 12AM PST.


For UI’s for a full-game, I charge 30,000+ Robux or $105+ USD ($3.50 USD = 1K DevEx Rates). I am currently only accepting Robux payment.
The pricing can either be lower or higher though depending on your needs, such as:

  • How many UIs you need.
  • How detailed the UIs are.
  • How many changes you require during the commission (costs me more time).
  • etc.


To get in contact with me regarding my UI commissions, you can contact me on the following platforms:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lollganz
Discord: lollganz#3299
Or you can DM me here on the DevForums!

I have a right to decline your commission

Thanks for reading! :grin:


Hey guys, I work for Lollganz in his fashion group as one of his Homestore developers, and I’d just like to say he is a great guy and hard worker! You won’t finder a nicer UI artist out there!


Cheers CFrame, appreciate the good words! :sunglasses:

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I really hope the actual UIs don’t have that obnoxious watermark, and it’s only there so no one steals the screenshots. Good work though. :+1:


It’s only there to prevent stealing. Any client that commissions me receives their commission without watermarks, of course. And thanks for the compliment!

I will update my portfolio thread right now and state that all clients receive their commissions unwatermarked to prevent further confusion/questioning.

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Just updated the layout of my UI showcase!
All commissions and personal work are now showcased separately. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just updated the Commission Work section!
Added images of a commission I did for VitalWinter.

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Portfolio Update
I added images of another commission I did, under Commission Work!

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Due to crazy demand, I increased my prices from:
20k+ Robux / $70 USD to 30k+ Robux / $105 USD
Hope you’re all understandable of the changes made!

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Added images of a new commission I did, under Commission Work > Commission for Allen


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Sent you a friend request on discord if you haven’t seen it.

Hi, sorry for the late reply! I’m currently closed to commissions right now as I’m full on them, but will have an available spot once I’ve finished my current comms.

You are quite an impressive UI designer, I’m very impressed.

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Thanks man! :^) I appreciate the good words.

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I’ve added you on discord. Please reply back to me when you add me: Vikinglaw#8061

I have work for you, if you are interested! :slight_smile:

Hey! I am full on commissions as of right now, although I’ll be open soon enough.
I have edited my portfolio/thread with my status’, which do change frequently :slightly_smiling_face:

I added images for a new commission I recently completed, check em’ out!

They’re under: Commission Work > UIs for Swords of Faith.

Your UI designs are quite impressive. I definitely look forward to working with you. :grinning:

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Very easy to communicate with Lollganz, very active, fast worker, reliable and reasonable prices as well.

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