[CLOSED] lonelycoast | clothing designer, ui designer, artist

Hello! I’m lonelycoast and i’m a clothing and ui designer as well as an artist! I’m a fifteen year old hobbyist and i’ve been playing roblox since 2013 (this is my second acc). I am looking for short term jobs to do and I hope that you consider contacting me! I look forward to working with you guys :slight_smile:

discord : arianagrande#9958
or just reply below if you’re interested!


Art has been my passion for a long time, and I enjoy every single process of it!

Anime Style Examples

Cartoon Style Examples


Pricing / Info

Anime Style Art = $10 USD or 1,000 Robux THROUGH GROUP FUNDS/PAYPAL
- All art will be started upon the payment being given!

Cartoon Style Art = $7 or 700 Robux THROUGH GROUP FUNDS/PAYPAL
- Same info as above!

Thumbnail Art = $15 USD or 1,500 Robux THROUGH GROUP FUNDS/PAYPAL
- Same info as above!

Please note . . .

  • If you would like changes to your drawings after I have finished the sketch, it will cost extra depending on how drastic it is! (if it is something simple like changing the shape or a hair accessory then it will be free, but if you want to change the entire position of an arm/body it will cost extra!)
  • I will not start any art before payment is given!
  • Please give me time to work, I will always complete your order within 1 day - 1 week


I have been a Roblox clothing designer for three years, and i’ve been honing my craft and skills every since!

Clothing Examples


Pricing / Info

Full Outfit (pants, shoes, shirt) = $6 or 600 robux

One asset (just pants, just shoes, etc.) = $3 or 600 robux

Keep in mind. . .
- I will not do uniforms
- Your price may vary based on what you want.
- I am less experienced in male clothing.
- Payment first
- I don’t take percentages of sale unless you are a big group/designer :slight_smile:


UI Design has been a recent hobby i’ve picked up. It has been extremely fun to design and play with colors and use my creativity!

UI Examples


Pricing / Info

Base Price = 1,000 robux or $10

Final price will be based on how many assets you have and the complexity of what you want. Please contact me and we can work out the final price and details of your custom UI!

Payment comes first.

I will not implement the ui! However, I will give you all the assets for you to implement it :slight_smile:


I don’t need any thing from you but I just wanted to say that your stuff is AMAZING


Thank you! I’m trying to improve everyday and practice makes perfect :slight_smile:


I am interested and have sent you a friend request, my tag on Discord is Quionew#2800

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I’ve been working with this person and she’s been an amazing person to work with, highly recommended!

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Very good at art!! I highly recommend working with.

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All I have to say is wow…Your artwork is really good and I recommend anyone who wants to work with them should do so.

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I need a UI designer, do you accept 5k robux?
It will be based on a Simulator, it will be difficult to make… Add me on discord to talk about the prices or something!