[CLOSED] Looking for a Development Team for upcoming Simulator

Hello. I am iiZescah, (previously known as HelloItsMe_ALT) I am the Founder of FarWind Studios.

About us

We are an upcoming Development Team. Our end goal is to make the community happy by making amazing, and wonderful games on the Roblox platform.

About the job

We are looking for scripters, and builders to make pets, stores, autosavers, and some possible shop buildings. Our goal is to make the game better than it is now.

Check our progress here: https://www.roblox.com/games/3314789466/Clicking-Simulator


For each developer we only need around 2, but… We are ranging to split the payment from 1500 R$, into 800 R$ and 800 R$ for both developers.

The current team

iiZescah - Lead builder, Scripter
Clafted - Secondary builder, UI GUI creator


We would like to have full contact with both developers through the Forum or Via Discord. Contact me. HelloItsMe_ALT#1552


edit: We found two willingly developers to work for us. Sorry if you didn’t apply or make the job.

(closed July 4 2019)

You should have edited your previous post instead of making a new one.
As for payment, 800 robux is honestly a joke. 800 robux is 2 dollars and 8 cents. You’ll need to up that by a lot.


800 robux for full-time developers? Pretty nice boise.

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I know… I know, it’s not much. The group doesn’t make much of a profit…

Mkay… Well. I honestly, don’t know much. This is my first day as a New Member.

Its alright to be honest, just don’t rush your project because then you’re not prepared, and instead of drawing in people you are pushing them away. Don’t worry, just forget this thread and make a new one maybe later on when you are ready with your payments and what you really want.

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Yeah. I mean I was prepared, I have made the simulator up to this point in time, so it’s not really like I need a team… But I get a lot of stress, and I would like some people to help me. Anyways. Yeah.

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First of all. @iiZescah, welcome to the devforum! :slight_smile:
Make sure to read the rules in the devforum and complete the new user and advanced user guide to properly navigate your way through the forum.

Secondly, as other people said. 800R$ for both script and builder is way too low for the developers.
I suggest saving up some robux and then coming back to create another post looking for a development team. If you try to find people who’ll work for 800R$, there are most likely not going to do a good job, or won’t come up to your expectation.

Or you could get an investor who is willing to put in the money for your project, but you need to have a good reason as to why an investor would invest on your game, or else they won’t bother investing on the game.



Pretty sure it’s 10k-30k robux to hire one developer on DevForum, depending on the job.

Most newer games usually arent that successful due to already older more well-known games taking up the front page which makes developers rely more on getting payment during work instead of relying on game revenue after development finishes.

Which is why people usually expect a huge payment even though a game is nowhere near completion.

Not saying making games leaves you with nothing, plus the Live Ops thing really helps. But it’s just things like this why developers charge so much.

Hiring people here is gonna be a tough job and probably even frustrating, but you should know that you cant view the people who complain about payment as greedy. They’re just super careful and cautious so they can successfully get paid for their work.

Because of lot of development groups/new games just suddenly die out most of the time. And no one gets anything in the end. Trust me, i’ve been in 3 development groups that fell out.

I think instead of hiring developers, you should look for an investor first. It’s probably a top priority honestly.

The groups I’ve been in had no investor so it’s super important that you find one before doing anything else.

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Very true but to be honest, that 10k-30k is like buying a car for 30k flat, people tend to pay it overtime like monthly and in total it adds up to the total amount.


Very true you guys. And well, surprisingly we found two developers…!

No? If people do long-term payments, they usually give a percentage of the profit rather than giving a certain amount over time. There are lots of posts where people have criticized others offering to do just this, and have said to just pay it all up front.

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