(CLOSED) Looking for a Icon/logo creator that can make a logo suitable for Twitter, Discord, Roblox group

Hi there! I am looking for a logo/icon designer who can make a group logo suitable for twitter, discord and the roblox group.


We can negotiate but for the base budget is going to be around 300 robux we can rase this if needed but will not go over 500.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for a clean logo without any cartoony style involved.

NOTE: This is a one time payment this if not full term job, it is a one time commission. We are not hiring a full time logo creator.


Discord: Wizard#4401

Thanks, have a wonderful day.


Hello, I am very interested sent a friend request on discord at BritDev#5446

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Hello, I’m interested. My Discord is Roads#5218 and here’s my portfolio: WindingTheRopes - Portfolio

Wizard why did you block me? I just had to go offline for a second!!

Sorry, my sister took, my computer after she got mad…she is only 6.

Ah okay! Can you add me back? :rofl:

Yea your unblocked apologies for that.

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Not a problem, It’s fine! :smiley:

It’s still blocked…
Here is the link:

? why did you link me? I’m so confused

You did not unblock me on discord.

So why not talk here :man_shrugging:

It’s getting late now; I’m going to have to sleep.

Hi, I want to hire you my user is B, on discord

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B? May I have your tag? That would help :grin:

I have contacted you on ghostpin#9104 Hope to work with you soon!

O ghistpin is used from Roblox but B, is my private but sure talk soon.

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