[CLOSED] looking for a scripter

Hi there! We are UltimateDevs Studios, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for scripters who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game, Demon Slayer Game!

The Team
@Cxrpss - Animator
< - Scripter
@AliUiltimate - UI
@Flawless - Mesher
@Zac - Builder
@Brew - Builder

About The Job

We are looking for a professional scripter to join our team. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.


Payment will be percentage split on every developer. Which means everyone will get 16% revenue of the game.

Contact Us

Discord: X²AliUltimate studying#3750
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:


This doesn’t sound very fair though?

Why is the animator, the UI designer and the mesher recieving the same as the Builders and the potential Scripter?

I mean, some people might work under that payment condition, sure, but you’ll be recieving less applicants that you’d prefer to have.


Well we’re having equal payment split, so everyone gets the same amount of pay while we’re making a fun game.

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Just because it is a fun game doesn’t really mean anything… Paying the scripter the same amount as the animator is insane. Scripters should have at the very minimum 35% if they are the only ones.



Scripters should get at least 40% unless they are working with EXCEPTIONAL devs / it is an official business with lots of staff etc. 16% is insulting

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Normally scripter will get 45-65%


Please don’t pay percentages, if the game doesn’t profit then neither will the team, which means they aren’t getting paid for what they did. Use a set price if possible.


Yeah, I do really know that. But me and my friends are actually going to do this 16% revenue to every dev aka equally splitting the earnings. It’ll stay the same number until we’ve found one willing to join and also split earnings with us.


We’ll percentages exist, and We’re going to use them.

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What im saying is a scripter requires a lot more skill and time then say an animator. im just telling u you wont find any decent scripter by paying them trash amounts


Refusing to change the percentage will most likely get you no where… Absolutely no experienced scripter will be paid the same as an animator… That is just a ludicrous idea… I would highly recommend rethinking your methods before coming here to find a scripter…

You may be able to find a scripter that is willing to do it that is not experienced by that introduces a new set of problems such as buggy code, inefficient code, and a overall pain to work with…


Correct, but I don’t have a other choice me and the team is going with this idea splitting % on every dev so I don’t have a choice.

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Even if this is the case, you should still communicate that to your team. If they are truly interested in the progress of the game and are thinking about it with a sense of fairness, they should be receptive to the idea. If you need to break it down for them you can always just point out that (in the example of an Animator vs a scripter) An animator makes animations, but will probably be able to finish those (a set) in a week or so (if they are working slowly). A scripter that is scripting an entire game (and working at the same pace) will take much longer to script an entire game. Furthermore, once an Animator is done making their animations to the team’s satisfaction, they are done for a long time. A scripter is going to have to constantly change, edit, bug test, fix glitches, write new scripts, rewrite old scripts, etc. to be compatible with the game. Week by week and month by month, the scripter will be putting in much work than the Animator and getting the same result.

Plus you can also just show them this thread and they should understand. If they are refusing to budge on it - that’s probably an issue of greed more than anything else, which is an entirely separate problem in it of itself.


When you want be scripter, you need to learn it few years, when you want to be animator, you need to learn it 1 day.

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The job is uh, a tad unfair, like others said before me.
Paying the scripter the same as the Animator is completely insane, I’m not one to go out and protest on rants that scripters are undervaluing their work, but this is a bit too much. You aren’t considering all of the work the scripter will put into this game as the Sole scripter. You’re paying someone who basically has to code the entire game as someone who has to make some animations for the game.

At the very least if it’s just one scripter he/she should get around 35-40% of the revenue, no scripter would undervalue their work in a way like this.
Also, you should explain what the game is about before making a post like this, since you gave no information about what the game is or how it’ll work, or if you have a group or anything: It’s something you should’ve clarified before making a statement on how the scripter would get paid equally to someone who has to do almost nothing as compared to what the scripter would do.
Sorry for the quick rant, but thought I should share my quick thoughts with you.

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That’s completely wrong, every developer has their own specialist at every development aspect.
which basically means a really good animator might take 2-3 years. and when we talk about percentage we really talk about the game the developers are gonna be working on, if it’s all about programming & building, then yes he should amp up the percentage for them other than that I don’t see why programmers should get a higher percentage than modelers or builders.

I would agree with the majority of others are responding to this, the payment should be stated as a solid figure too as ‘16%’ could mean anything. How do you know that this project will succeed? If it doesn’t, you cannot possibly split the funding up fairly, I recommend you not to depend on earnings as a source of payment otherwise your team could end up being underpaid or not fairly paid at all for their work.

The reaction of myself and others on this thread should make you take a new payment plan into consideration.

Do you even know how to script

Hey everyone, well we got 3 scripters now willing to work, that’s awesome when me and my team set a amount of payment it will stay until we’ve found a person or more, thank you all for reading and have a good time!

Yes, yes I am a programmer.

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