[CLOSED] Looking for a scripter/programmer for an FPS! (50K R$)

Hello, my name is Concurrental and I am a 17 year old developer from the United Kingdom.

About Us

Myself and EpikShadowz have been working on our own clothing group, Epik Clothing Designs, for the past five years but we’re now looking in to launching a fully-fledged Roblox game by the turn of the year, seperate from our clothing group.

The Team
@Concurrental & @EpikShadowz - Lead Developers
@TroubleRB - UI Designer
@besupernow - Scripter

About The Job

The game in question will be a First Person Paintball game. You’ll be required to script based off our needs.

What you will do -

  • Script a Leaderboard System
  • Script Rounds
  • Script a Map Changing System
  • Script a Level and Gun Unlocking System
  • Script Game Functions (Kill Cam, Feed, Announcements)
  • Ensure the UI Functions (Design is provided)

Your physical work may not begin immediately since the development of the game is in very early stages. We’re wanting this game to be coherent and ready for release before the end of 2020.


We will pay you 50,000 Robux ($175) and you’ll also be given 20% of all game revenue on a month-by-month basis.

We will be setting aside a minimum of 75,000 Robux for publication purposes, thus the eventual launch will be reasonably big.

Contact Us

We will not be jumping in to any decisions. We will be looking at all potential candidates and will be hiring only the best.

Candidates must;

  • Be aged 14 or over
  • Have at least 2 years of experience
  • Have a decent portfolio
  • Have good communication skills

Please get in contact with me via Discord. My tag is: Concurrental#4360

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Good Day! I would love to join your team as a Scripter! I sent a friend request. Discord: besupernow#5482.

My portfolio: Besupernow | Scripter and UI Designer | OPEN!

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