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IdlePride Games is hiring!

About IdlePride:

Hey, Crrustyy here, Co-Owner and Fouder of IdlePride. We made this group to bring about fun and enjoyable experiences on roblox. Our first game Rabbit was our first stepping stone to doing this. With over 10,000 visits, it was a huge success for us!

Now we bring a new project, which has been seen before many many times, but would be a great way for us to work and learn more as a team.

The project:

We will be creating a Simulator. While it may be true that there are tons of simulators out there, this one will have a few unique features, including different pet features and the way the game is played.

The project will be monitored on a Trello that will be set up once the team is made

Now, who and what am I looking for?
I am looking for a GFX Designer, Builder, Modeller. and SFX Designer.

  • GFX - You will be in charge of making the game look nice, with the game GUI’s and other GUI’s. Make it suit the game style.
  • Builder - You will be in charge of making the game scenery. Low-Poly, including trees, rocks, clouds etc…
  • Modeller - You will be in charge of making the props and weapons etc… Make it suit the game style.
  • SFX - You will be in charge of making the sound effects and background music, e.g Blasts or Tweets

The list of devs will be shown here and updated once a developer has been hired:

GFX Designer: @looking
SFX Designer: @looking
Programmer: @Crrustyy
Builder: @looking
Modeller: @Toxoloco


Now it may not suit everyone’s needs, but you know Christmas is soon and I gotta buy presents for people, so the payment, for now, will be in percentages (%). (Is subject to change in the new year)

Modeller: 15%
Builder: 30%
GFX: 10%
SFX: 10%
Programmer (Me): 30%
The rest will go to the group.

What happens if we don’t earn any? Well, as I said, the payment will be in Robux, and will be discussed when the time comes.

Interested? Contact me

Please be prepared to present past work or a portfolio!

Discord: @ThatDev#0447
Or on the Forum: @Crrustyy

I look forward to hearing from you!

As always, any questions can be asked in a private message :smiley:

– Crrustyy

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