[Closed] Looking for Builders, Modelers, Scripters and Terrian designers for an upcoming One Piece game [R$ 100,000+]

About Us

Hello there! me and my team are looking for developers for our upcoming One piece game :smiley:. We need modelers, scripters, builders and terrian designers!

About The Job

We are Looking for experienced modelers/terrain/builders for our open world one piece game, modelers would make things like weapons, attack models, sometimes builds. Terrain makers would make the baseplate of the maps, builders do the buildings and places like it. Long term or short term


Payment really depends on if you are long term or short term and what you are going to work. Here what we can offer.

1000 Robux to 100,000 Robux
10 USD - 100 USD per job depending on complexity

We can also offer percentage of the game’s earning but its for long term only. (7% profit)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord. My discord tag is Cena#5420.


Hi I sent you friend request on discord, I’m Phantom Blox#5231 and I’m a scripter.

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Interested, I will get to you on Discord.

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I’m a low-poly builder. Here’s my portfolio if your interested: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/lxcazettx-low-poly-builder/608877

If you aren’t convinced, I can make a demonstration build

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The amount of USD isn’t equal to the amount of Robux. 1000 Robux are equal to 3.5$ and 100000 Robux are equal to 350$ (all according to the Devex ratio). Just wanted to let you know!


Can you describe more? I’m interested but I want to know what, in specific terms, you are doing.

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hey im interested im a builder jailbreak#7767

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One piece is a anime/manga comic. You should check it out


How much robux do you have at the moment?

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Sent a request on Discord! Looking forward in talking with you. I’m a terrain maker.


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I’d love to apply for modeler.

portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS/FOR HIRE] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Discord if you like it : Red1Monster#3623

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I’d like to apply add me on discord. Marcus#3951

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Hello there, L3G3NDARY.

I’m here to apply for the Builder positions, I sent you a friend request via Discord.

If you have any questions or concerns, We may discuss more in DM’s.

Have a Amazing day,

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I am a scripter and interested on this project
I can make you some systems

Here is my portofolio: [CLOSED] Scripter | Imaginze | 5+ years scripting

I have sent you a fr


Hi there i am a ui dev please add ne on discord so i can show my work supermanaymany

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You need to add me on discord for that. It’s hard to give whole information here.

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I am a scripter and I am interested in this.


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