CLOSED Looking for Developers, Artists, Animators, Ect

Hey there! Here at Steamin Studios, we are looking to expand our staff for upcoming projects! Please read the information carefully before submitting portfolios/examples to use.

About Us
Steamin Studios is one of the many ROBLOX development groups located within this platform. We specialize in action exploration games. Our end goal is to produce a few enjoyable game for a variety or age ranging from 13-18. We started our journey earlier in 2019 (This year). From there, we’ve been working on finding great developers, proposing new ideas, and getting a plan ready. We’ve finally come to a conclusion on our first project.

About The Game
Our first project is Investigate! A ROBLOX game similar to some you can find the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store, except better! Players can engage is either single player or multiplayer scene investigation at none other than Club Bullsye! Players will be able to find clues, choose possible suspects, and solve the crimes! Once a player gets the suspicion correct, they will be rewarded with in game currency and level points which they can use to unlock new accessories and features! In the future, we hope to create multiple maps and a large variety of crimes which players can play from!

About the Job
-Programmers: Responsible for creating the code for map selection, crime scene animation, and point system. We’d like the applicant to have a years worth of experience in their desired field. The programmer will be working along-side with the UI Designer, Builder, 3D Modeler, Animator.

-Animator: We’d like a animator with good experience animating running, walking, deaths, etc. They should have around a years worth of experience in their desired field. The Animator will primarily be working with the Programmer.

-Builder: Responsible for creating the map and other items located within the map. We’d like the applicant to have around a year and a half work experience in their desired field. The Builder will work alongside the Scripter and 3D Modeler to place the map together.

-3D Modeler: Responsible for items that the Builder can not make, such as vehicles, weapons, etc. We’d like the applicant to have a years worth of experience in their desired field.

-Graphics Artist: Responsible for making company logos, game logos, game thumbnails, game/group ads. We would like the applicant to have at least one and a half years worth of experience.

-Video Effects Specialists: Responsible for creating game trailers and group advertisements. We would like the applicant to have two years, if possible, of experience in their desired field.

• All applicants will be required to show a portfolio of some sorts. Portfolio must include at least 5 work examples. These examples should be in form of JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, AVI, MKV, MOV or QT, or MP4. You may also submit a (ROBLOX) game link including your work.
• We do request developers applying for animator submit their applications in a video format, GIF, or (ROBLOX) game link.
• We do request developers applying for Graphics Artist submit their portfolio is a photo file.
• We do request developers applying for Video Effects Specialist submit their work example via a video format.

Payment will be discussed after you are hired, and show your work ethic. Prices range depending on your position and work ethic. Pricing ranges from 2k R$ to upwards 35K R$ equivalent to approximately $20.00 to upwards of $200.00 USD.
Disclaimer! We are currently only making payments in the form of Robux or ROBLOX Gift Cards.

How to I get a job here?
Send a your work portfolio to me via:
Discord: SteaminPunk #4737

If we accept your application, you will spend 30 days as a Development Intern. After showing your skills and development, you will be payed monthly or per game depending on your wishes. Once completing your internship, you will be required to join the Steamin Studios group. If this is an issue, you will be rewared with a ROBLOX Gift Card allowing you to purchase Builders Club.

Our Team
Creator: @SteaminPunk
Programmer: N/A
Builder: @TheDreamDealer
Animator: @TheDreamDealer
UI Designer: @Amatzukaze
Graphics Artist: @Sliantsovic
Video Effects Specialist: N/A
3D Modeler: @Vos_Despero

Where ever you see N/A that’s where a position is still available. Even though the position tabs available are filled, we are still looking for others to help! So all positions are open for applications!

Other Information
• We request you are 14 years or older. You also must be willing to sign a development contract upon your acceptance to your internship.
• All positions are long term, we are not looking for short term contractors.

Feel free to contact me with an related inquires.
Creator and Founder of Steamin Studios


this is great I will try to apply, now that it improves a lot, I eliminated some things from my previous jobs now if I am in faith :smiley: :(no longer have jobs )

Hi, I’m Simon, I’m interested in the work of Graphics Artist.

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