[CLOSED] Looking for Graphic Designer to create 3 game icon/thumbnail pairs


Hi! I am looking for a graphic designer to create thumbnails for RoCitizens in a similar style to what I have.

Thumbnails should be based on 3D renderings of interesting scenes containing places and people that you might find in the game. I will provide any assets necessary. If you have a great idea for a scene, I’d love to see it. Otherwise I can provide specific details of what each scene should look like.

Icons can be either a smaller version of the scene itself (if it is suitable for a smaller image) or something unique.



Payment will be $150 USD per thumbnail/icon pair with a $50 bonus at the end. I prefer to pay over PayPal or another payment service but I am willing to pay in Robux if necessary.


Please contact me here on the devforum with a link to your portfolio if you would like to apply. If you have a general question about the job, you can also post below and I’ll try to answer promptly.



I love that you’re willing to pay with paypal!

I sent you a DM with some example work :slight_smile:

Sent you a DM with my portfolio! My portfolio can be found here, incase you don’t read DMs.

Hey, im so interested! -post moved and updated- This is porto! Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

I would like to help with making thunbnails and icons for the game.
My portfolio [OPEN] BaseMesh (GFX Portfolio)

I would recommend @0Skyz for this job.


Hey, if you’re still looking for a graphic designer, I’ve worked for multiple front page games and my commissions are currently opened!

Portfolio: I5k | 3D Artist/Graphic Designer


Sent a PM on DevForum!

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