[Closed] Looking for long-term scripter [$120 + 20%]

Hello! I would like to work with you.
Please add me on discord ProgrammerDog#6388

Hi I am interested I can do everything there Also my discord is Josh_Dev#0300

The position is still available.

I haven’t found anyone, message me if interested.

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Hi I think I can do this but I have a question related to the payment are you gonna pay 120$ per month or like for the entire game.

Hi, I’m interesed, dm me on discord: DoryShelby0 #3174

My portfolio: (OPEN) DoryShelby- Clothing Designer, Scripter, And terrain

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Interested in this, please add me: NinjaX#0001, and heres my portfolio: WaterJamesPlough | Experienced Programmer Portfolio

The position is still up for grabs.

Discord Dev_Kittenz#2620 if interested.
PSA: I’m in school right now, it might take me few hours to respond cause I’m on my phone so I can’t open Roblox Studio. I can chat on Discord if I’m on a break.

Hi, I’m interested.
Portfolio: [Closed / Outdated] Iggy's Portfolio (Scripter / GUI Designer)
Discord: IggyDev#5265

I fit for all your requirements. Here is my portfolio. Hope to hear from you soon.


Hello!, My name is Eric, worked with many big names and huge projects, add me for past work since my portfolio’s website is down, Eric_Homemade#0001

Is this still open? My discord is HendricoMaximus#3696, and my portfolio is here https://hendricmax.wixsite.com/uiscriptinggraphics.

im available for gui and scripting. Hit me up:

Hello. I’m pretty interested about your project. I have about 4 years of experience with programming, which is not that much as someone compared with 10+ of experience but, I might say that I’m definitely not a beginner nor an intermediate programmer. I’m somewhere in the middle between Advanced and intermediate skill levels. But still, I will put as much time and skill as possible so I could complete whatever you ask me too. Bloxynet#4289

I am interested in this position, could we chat on discord? MrFaYaMaMa15#7269

Hello, i’m really interested and i have a lot of experience with simulator games i made a ton of systems for simulators you can add me on discord: Polaris#8465


A scripter has been found, thanks to everyone who applied!

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