[CLOSED] Looking for Low Poly Builders & Food Modelers for Little Angels Daycare

Post is closed for now. Will reopen if our hires don’t work out.


Greetings! My name is joritochip and I am currently the Lead Developer for a Roblox group with over 340k+ members, Little Angels Daycare! The group delivers excellent service to our guests that arrive and provide joy daily. In the game, you are able to apply for the job of a Teacher’s Assistant, Teacher, Nurse, and Receptionist. These are our hard workers that provide our excellent service. These amazing workers are in need of some improvements to our builds at the daycare.

What I’m Looking For

  • Builder
    – We are looking for a skilled builder willing to take time out of their day to help me with future development of an upcoming project. You are expected to produce quality work, have good communication, and be dedicated to the assignments.

  • 3D Food Modeler
    – We are in need of a skilled animator to make a few assets for an upcoming cooking objective we hope to include in our game. We may also ask that you create a few other small props that we can discuss at a later date.


You will be paid in one-time payments for every assignment you complete. Prices for these assignments are negotiable, and will depend on the time it took, the quality, and other determining factors.

Payment will depend on the job that you are completing. Builders can expect 5k-20k Robux per assignment. Modelers should contact us to discuss payment.

How To Contact Me

You may contact me through my Discord, dorito#4885. I will most likely not respond immediately, as I receive many direct messages every day. It would be most helpful if you sent me examples of games or assets that you’ve developed for and things you’ve created recently. Please do not say “Hello” and wait for a response, and instead sent examples before I have even opened your DMs. If you are interested and ready to work, I’m excited to work with you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


This is a bit concerning. If you’re looking to hire someone on a freelance basis. That is what this is, you can call it a contract or any other word you’d like. But when you get paid per assignment and not for the overall project that’s simply a freelance. But you can’t really call this freelance as you’re the one setting the prices.

Anywho, what does your freelances work have to do with the overall state of the project? And why would the delays affect their pay? I mean I can see if they’re the cause of the delay. But, it’s not like you’re hiring them into the team. From what I understand after reading the post, you’re literally looking for a freelancer/contractor.


We often have big updates that require specific deadlines that must be met, and, even if you are working for other groups too, it is important to follow deadlines as closely as possible (which is mostly common sense). As I said in the post, the prices are negotiable for every assignment given and if there is a proper reason for said delay then it most likely won’t change anything.

That part of the post was more for any delays caused by other complications on the developer’s end of things.

I appreciate you asking, let me know if there are any other concerns. :smiley:


I am really down to work on a project like that. I have some maps for people to take care and might come and help you. I will contact you from now. And I want to work as a builder.


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Reopened! We are now looking for a builder and animator. Read the post for details.

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The jobs we are looking for has changed. If you are a 3D modeler who can create food assets we may be interested, so contact me!

I don’t see this is the post:

Have these jobs been taken?

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As the post below that says, the jobs we are looking for has changed.

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I am astrovibes#8096. Here are some of my examples


I have more.

I’ve sent you over a request on Discord, and sent you a message here too.

Closed job opening. We may re-open later, so track this thread if you are interested in the position.